Let’s hear it for Noah’s nurses! Woo hoo! Here are two pics of some of Noah’s […]

Some specifics for October 31st…I wanted to encourage you to invite lots of people to join […]

A shrinking brain, a chicken, and a fire marshall…Yesterday when Dr. Brian asked us what we […]

So…today our meeting with Dr. Brian was, well, it was… Basically the MRI shows a decrease […]

Noah’s MRI with spectroscopy went smoothly today. We don’t have results yet but hope to tomorrow. […]

Noah has another MRI tomorrow at 11 am. They want to run a MR spectroscopy (an […]

He did it again! Noah got to go outside again! “Grampa” Cloy and Noah’s nurse, Miss […]

Hi people!I have just learned information TODAY that was actually in the docs hands on August […]

This past weekend was pretty uneventful but a good time as a family, nonetheless. We continue […]

It was A Beautiful Day…Here is “Grampa Cloy” making it all happen (not the sunshine and […]
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