Brought to you with permission: Today at 5:30 Eastern Standard Time, Erin delivered Griffin Jacob naturally, […]

My friend, Erin, who has been fighting for her marriage is now fighting for her pregnancy…Erin […]

Em: Mom, I’m not very comfortable here. Me: Okay, sweetie, we’re almost home and then you […]

Today is the day that Noah’s lung collapsed…The night before on the 22nd while holding him […]

“Loosely affiliated…” I’ve thought about the above wording a lot lately. I’ve heard it in different […]

We did not carve this ourselves. It was etched in a table at a restaurant on […]

Blog worlds collide, but in a good way…Dinner with old friends and new.Entertainment, Hampton style.They look […]

Real life wax Pequot Indians at the Pequot Museum in CT. Pollution from NYC made this […]

Riding in the “Superman” mobile at Camp Hoffman, RI. Experiencing the cots with Uncle Dan in […]

The hole.Always thinking about him…A colorful mess of nets.
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