So, I’ve wanted to post something along these lines for quite some time. It’s something that […]
Em: Mom, this is the most beautiful dress in the world! When I get married may […]
I love South Dakota. It gets under your skin. I know a lot of people have […]
I just got to the Mall of America to walk aimlessly for a few hours in […]
Bobby and Bebe (my mom and dad)Stacey and me (we met in 2nd grade)My Aunt Diane […]
I have to do some business here: Jodie R. I only have your UK email address! […]
So, I am always curious and intrigued by the answers I hear from people when asked […]
I want to share a link to a movie that will be at the Tribeca Film […]
These are pictures of a little peanut that woke up at 4:40 this morning dry heaving…Dad’s […]
As I hit my knees yesterday morning, I got smacked upside the head…God wouldn’t let me […]
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