…some interesting politics…boy do I have a lot to say about this! Have a good weekend…and […]
I must say that the question above makes me crusty. I’m not going to lie. I […]
Update: Em LOVES school! Like, Luhhhh UVVVS it! Trying to get across the love here, people…hope […]
Em’s not in Australia, though one day…This is actually the entrance to our new favorite zoo. […]
Remember when God used to write on walls, lead groups of people by clouds and pillars […]
…how do you play? For the most part, whenever Jason goes out of town, I get […]
The girls in room 4: Kelly, Gina, Megan and Leah (Some of Em’s ‘goodies’) Of course, […]
2nd or 3rd day in hospital (Notice the blue in his blankie is the same as […]
Since August 2nd I have had a really tough time. Part of it is coming back […]
Faces at the market So, somehow on our trip I was designated as ‘the translator’. Yes, […]
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