Recently I was interviewed for our local newspaper. The reporter and I talked for probably an […]
…well, not really. I mean, many people have asked me these particular questions, but *you* haven’t, […]
It’s not even that I haven’t been inspired to write…it’s that I have a lot on […]
For almost a year now it has been a dream of mine to see how many […]
…I’ve been up in the mountains since Friday at noon, so technically, yes, I could have […]
“Pause…and listen” That was the advice we were given today on our radio show. We were […]
…but it’s funny… INSTALLING A HUSBAND Dear Tech Support, Last year I upgraded from Boyfriend 5.0 […]
Dear Em, I know you hear Mommy tell you, “I love you”, every day, throughout the […]
Oh man, it’s quarter to midnight! Good thing I’m not in the next time zone, or […]
…I got nothin‘. This is harder than I thought! I really do feel that besides funny […]
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