Ryan Everett6 lbs 5oz20 inBorn at 4:41pm on August 28th, 2010A blessing from GodWe just got […]

I like most things natural…produce, peanut butter, acupuncture, herbal remedies…but, baby, I’m not gonna lie…I’m loving […]
So, I guess since I’m due in less than a week it’s probably time to have […]
After Noah died I could never imagine myself thinking or acting on anything that didn’t have […]
The “Fall of Man” was for sure, by far, hand’s down the crappiest day since the […]
I wanted to share this link to our friends’ story…we really have no words. We just […]
Literally, as soon as I decided I shouldn’t travel within my last 3 weeks of pregnancy, […]
Apparently…stress brings about contractions…or at least mega–Braxton Hicks. Apparently…even though I have been trained throughout my […]
Ry, I can’t write now but I just want to thank you for your profound example […]
Please pray for our friends, Ryan and Shannon Arnold and Chad and Cristine Arnold. Long story […]
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