Emily goes to a fabulous school based on Outward Bound Expeditionary Learning style.  She just got […]
Thanks to everyone who tried to translate Ryan’s language!  It was good for me to read […]
Below you will find a quiz.  It’s a language quiz.  And by “language quiz” I mean, […]
And then I met them… Women from coast to coast.  Beautiful women with beautiful stories.  And, […]
NOT “Moron Girlfriends!”  Just to clarify… There are many titles I could have gone with concerning […]
I just got back from Austin, Texas, where I took part in a girls weekend.  Two […]
I am so totally in love with you, Dave Ramsey, in a strictly platonic and financial […]
On August 28th, our son Ryan turned 2 years old. Dad was out of town so […]
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