There are people who check their astrology chart or reading every day.  They are seeking insight, direction, wisdom, and encouragement, among a slew of other things…

Imagine this:  an intimate consult for the past, present and future, with the One who knows EVERY. SINGLE. THING. EVER.

No crystal ball necessary.  Not even the palm of your hand or an article from a long lost loved one.  No fees.  Just free advice and direction.  EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.

Just you and the Creator of the Whole Universe, sitting face to face, you quietly listening while He is ever telling you how much He loves you, His plans for you, telling you stories of old and giving you glimpses of hope for the future…one He is fully aware of, one He can handle despite our own chaos.

As far as the palm reading goes, He says we are engraved on the palm of His hand.  You don’t even need a hand!  So that’s literally good if yours has been cut off or if you were born without one. 

Has your kid ever come home from school with marker or pen written all over their hand to remember something?  Well, guess what?!  God’s Sharpie really is permanent!

He remembers you because HE made you.  And He thinks you’re totally awesome!  For REALS!

And those constellations that are strung together in the beautiful, black, dark night, what about those?  Do they direct us, guide us, show us the way?  Well, long ago before there was electricity, when the nights were actually dark and the stars were bright, they were hung there for direction, but physical direction, like God’s version of your GPS.  And, clearly they did have meaning because some star studiers were well aware when a new, bright star appeared the night the Savior of the World was born.  The knew what it meant and they were wise to seek out the One it proclaimed.  They headed that direction, the way their “GPS” told them to go.

I get cranky when people say, “God is silent.  He just isn’t really saying anything.”

This is a load of CRAP.  God is constantly speaking to us through His Word.  Open your Bible.  The past, present, and future is in there.  You may not see the specifics of whether you should work at this location or move to that state or if that guy is the one you should marry.  But, the wisdom is there.  And the One who gives the wisdom is the Author.

Get to know Him. 

Why seek the faulty insight of humans through horoscopes and other venues when you can go straight to the Source, the very One who designed you, the One who knows you by name, Created you ON PURPOSE, and has beauty in store every time He thinks of you?


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    • Thanks, Renee. I remember in Jr. High thinking it was cool to check my horoscope and then I became a Christian and knew it wasn’t God’s will for me to seek anything or anyone other than Him alone. Hope you guys are enjoying the beautiful Spring!

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