BEVY is a non-profit I started to champion for women’s stories.

BEVY is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that exists as a space for women to share their stories shamelessly with authenticity.

BEVY believes every woman has a story.

We also know the messages we encounter everyday can shape our stories for good or bad. Instead of being trapped in comparison or competition, BEVY believes collaboration will change our world.

BEVY equips each woman to “Be the Voice of Your Own Story,” by offering essential leadership tools necessary for women of every age to live their most revolutionary lives.

*If you and your friends are interested in starting a BEVY group in your community, or just want to learn more, head here to learn more.  We’d love to help get you started!

You can also find BEVY on Twitter: @BevyGirls and on our Facebook page