The Written Word

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Every. Single. Day. All. Over. The. World. Things. Happen. That. Are. Horrible. And I don’t understand.  But instead of being gripped with fear, overcome with worry, or lashing out in anger, I go to The One who sees the bigger picture and I sit.  I sit before The One Who was and is and is […]

being real with God

A Letter to my Friend…

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…or you, but either way, I wanted to share: Hey friend!  I’m sorry you are wrestling right now, though I’m not, because wrestling w/self and God aren’t the worst things in the world…it means He is there to wrestle with…and that’s good, even when it sucks. God never “comes and goes.”  He is always.  He […]



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So, I am always curious and intrigued by the answers I hear from people when asked about their faith or what drives them. Typically when the answer of a person is a declarative membership to a specific denomination or organization, “I’m a Baptist…I’m a Presbyterian. I’m a Lutheran. I’m a Catholic. I’m a Mormon. I’m […]