Today, Em and Ry and I were walking through Walmart.  As we stopped to honk the […]
(Photo: What’s Cooking in America) After dinner Em was searching the freezer for the stash of […]
Here you go. Belly shots. I am in my 31st week and these are my first […]
So, this morning I made Em hard-boiled eggs for breakfast. The following conversation ensued: Em: Look, […]
I love our morning routine…minus trying to put on socks and shoes, but other than that, […]
Em just lost the same tooth on the other side of her mouth last night, so […]
I’m just trying to save some money here, people: Em, screaming at the top of her […]
Well, Em wanted to hop in bed early so she could read me books, I could […]
Quick, I have to write this before I forget… Me: Is Clare pregnant?Em: Claire, my babysitter?Jason […]
Em: Mom, what’s an ‘atom’?Me: It’s the building block of life. We’ll need to look up […]
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