Crank it up…

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I’m not a huge fan of the videography people put to some of these songs, but the lyrics of this song, though simple, express my heart today toward God.  The passion with which Phil Wickham sings this song is intense and heartfelt and can help bring a little perspective to your day.  I heard it […]

being real with God

And by "Busy" I mean…

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This guy keeps me on my toes. He’s napping now which has allowed me this brief moment to post a few pics and random thoughts. This is his cupboard. See.  He actually sleeps in there.  Kidding, kidding!  But it is his cupboard where, if he’s not reading a book, throwing the dog her ball, trying […]



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The “Fall of Man” was for sure, by far, hand’s down the crappiest day since the dawn of TIME. I know there have been terrible, horrific, life-altering days throughout the history of the world that have affected more people than just the first two people loved wholeheartedly by the Creator of the Universe, but as […]