Reading Through the Bible in 90 Days

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Time is my love language. For whatever reason, time is a really big deal to me.  How I use it or the people it is filled with, it’s a big deal because there is only so much of it and deep in my heart I desire to be a good steward of this gift called […]


History in Pictures

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Happy 20th Anniversary, Sweetheart!  20 years.  I wrote a “Husband List” before we even met and started dating.  It was 6 pages long.  No pressure, right?!  I think it was the “thing” to do in Christendom way back when, now hidden in a journal somewhere in the basement.   On it were things about integrity, […]

God's love

The Birthday Boy!

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Jason and I hugged maybe a little more than normal yesterday. We just kept staring at our son, looking at one another, and then finally stating the obvious, “We have a one year old son. We’ve never had a one year old son before…Thank You, Lord God, for the blessing of Ryan Graves!” Not trying […]