The Written Word

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Every. Single. Day. All. Over. The. World. Things. Happen. That. Are. Horrible. And I don’t understand.  But instead of being gripped with fear, overcome with worry, or lashing out in anger, I go to The One who sees the bigger picture and I sit.  I sit before The One Who was and is and is […]

abundant life


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Jason’s team at work watched the following short film the other day.  He then forwarded it to me. I cannot stop thinking about it. I showed it to Emily and her best friend, then we explored Nick’s site for a while.  I had shown Em a video clip of Nick’s a couple years ago, but […]

dumb things people say

Gender Fender Bender

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I am pretty worked up about an article I read via Facebook, via Tiny Prints, via Parenting.com First of all, as many of the fans of Tiny Prints pointed out, stick with making great prints and cards, skip the other agendas.  Their job is to make paper look great.  So, here’s the article.  And here […]


"To Infinity and Beyond!"

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“To the Bat Mobile!” – Batman “There’s no need to fear, Under Dog is here!” – Underdog “Up, up and away!” – Superman “Avengers assemble!” – Captain America “Wonder Twin powers, activate! Form of an iceberg!” – Wonder Twins So, I was reading through a book on leadership the other day and found this awesome […]