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Was it Venezuela?  Maybe Siberia?  It could have been St. Petersburg, Russia. I don’t remember now. All I know is a million years ago when I was in my young 20’s I met a teenager named Alece Ronzino…we met over a mutual love for the mission field.  I think she was a carnivalite because for […]


Guest Blogging

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Today you will find me at “Diving for Pearls.” Katie Wetherbee is a new friend, who is actually an old friend.  And by “old” I mean, she prayed for us during our journey with Noah through hearing of his blog.  Earlier this Spring we were able to email back and forth and finally share ear […]


A Fun Opportunity

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So, I’m getting ready to re-launch my non-profit organization, Bevy, so I have been cleaning up some of my accounts.  I had neglected Twitter for several months because, well, frankly, I’m on Facebook more and hadn’t really learned the ins and outs of Twitter…still don’t really know them… Anyway, yesterday I was updating my Twitter […]

disappointment with God

If You Ask About a Muffin…

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A couple of weeks ago I was looking in the display at a restaurant at what looked like a scrumptious gluten free blueberry muffin.  Of course I knew I wasn’t going to buy it, one because it’s still laden with sugar whether it’s gluten free or not, and two, because like most baked goods, it […]


A bit of news from around the world…

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So, I have a new friend from Germany. Her name is Nicole and she introduced herself via email recently. Her English is great. My German…I’m not going to lie…it stinks. Thank God for Google translator! No, seriously, I learned how to sing “Stille Nacht” in 2nd grade and can count to “Ten” and use some […]