My Thoughts on Social Media

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There’s much talk these days about social media, especially blogs and Facebook, and likely Instagram, and probably Twitter, and most definitely Pinterest, but probably not Google+ because no one knows what that is, really.  The talk is about how these venues of communication make some people crusty and agitated because they don’t believe people are […]

children of God

For Obvious Reasons

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This morning, I was reading some of The Picture Bible to Emily and Ryan as they ate breakfast.  Before Em woke up, I had been sharing with Ryan the meaning of Easter and the significance of this week in history, as well as modern day, so decided we’d read the days leading up to “Palm […]


More On: Girlfriends!

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NOT “Moron Girlfriends!”  Just to clarify… There are many titles I could have gone with concerning this post: “Modern Day Miracle!” “Man Uncovers Ancient Secret!” “Husband Found His Wife’s Sweet Spot…” “Mars Finally Moves to Venus to Form a Planetary Merger” “Jesus Can Come On Back Now…All the Problems in the World are Solved.” Or, […]