This morning, I was reading some of The Picture Bible to Emily and Ryan as they ate breakfast.  Before Em woke up, I had been sharing with Ryan the meaning of Easter and the significance of this week in history, as well as modern day, so decided we’d read the days leading up to “Palm Sunday” and “The Passover Feast” and, of course, the Crucifixion and Resurrection.

We usually read to Ryan out of The Beginner’s Bible or The Jesus Storybook Bible, then fill in details from Scripture we’ve read from our own Bibles.  (*Anyway, wow, I just got back from a ten minute detour while looking for the above links and there are some seriously intense people “out there” that have some jacked up opinionated opinions…no freaking wonder some people are turned off by people who call themselves “Christians”…this is maddening and WILL be another post…)

Meanwhile, I’m just grateful Jesus spoke in parables and stories in order to communicate Eternal things which our limited perspectives can barely grasp…

…basically, I’m grateful for FAITH.

Back to the story…so the self-righteous religious leaders were all up in Jesus’ face, cranky and worked up because THE CHILDREN were praising God, saying, “Hosanna!  Blessed is He who comes in the name of the Lord!”  
So Jesus said, “Yes, and have you not read in the Psalms that out of the mouths of children God brings perfect praise?”  
(*Quotes from The Picture Bible)  
(*see Matthew 21 for the whole story...)

So, I said, “Em, why do you think God called the praises of kids ‘perfect’?  Why do you think He encourages grown-ups to be more like children, to have faith like them?”

Em said, “Because we aren’t all stressed out…and, because we are cuter.”

And so there you have it.  I don’t really think I need to go into it much more than that.

  • Have we become so stressed out carrying burdens and worries we weren’t meant to carry that The One on the road before us, the road laden with palms and garments that leads to Eternal peace, is blurry and The One leading us,  just not worth the stress?
  • Are we no longer cute, like a kid, because we’ve allowed the things of this world to steal our joy and our praises?
Every loving parent thinks their kids are the cutest.

How much more does God love us?
This Easter, let’s all try to be a little cuter…


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