…in who knows how many days?

Em and I read a book during homeschool last year about a man in his hot air balloon who raced around the world, a race against the clock.  He wanted to beat a record.

What if there were no time frame?

What if the point was just to see God’s creativity in His big green earth, learn new cultures, eat new foods, love on people, and take in the beauty in the faces of God’s people to the ends of the earth?

I imagine the guy in the balloon who raced around the world missed out on the bigger picture.  Sure, he was the fastest, but did he get to truly experience the trip?

My love continues to grow for a sweet little handsome boy and his family.  They are on an adventure with an unclear time frame. 

Their dream as a family has been to see the world, which is why they named their youngest guy Trek Atlas…and they are living that dream presently in Nicaragua…but it’s a bittersweet adventure because Trek has a fatal condition, and of course, they don’t know the day he no longer will be on the journey this side of Heaven…

I want you to know I met Jarrett and Chelsea.  This isn’t some Internet story for attention from people who don’t really exist.  We ate bacon together.  They are as real as it gets 🙂

I held Trek’s sweet little body in my arms on January 12, 2012.  He’s a real boy, with captivating eyes, who brings so much joy to his family and anyone who is able to meet him.  And I’m not going to lie, I have a crush on him, for reals! 

Jason is headed to Bangladesh today for his dream job, “To help women and children in 3rd world countries…”  He works for Compassion International and is the ministry director of their Child Survival Program.  After receiving world class care for our son, his eyes were opened to health care throughout the rest of the world and he asked God how he could make a difference. 

However, the reality is even the best care in the world was not enough for our son.  And it isn’t for many other children who have incurable diseases, in the first or third world.

Trek Atlas Ingram has one stamp on his passport, thus far.  I’m not sure he’ll ever step foot on the soil of Bangladesh, but a Flat Trek will be headed there for the next week with Jason to bring smiles to cute kids and their moms. 

And the reason Jason will be there in the first place is because his own son, who only lived 7 months on this earth, changed his heart and perspective to what really matters:  Loving God without regrets, living life to the fullest, casting off all restraints…not a bucket list of selfish indulgence but a list of living life that has no beginning and is lived out fully until the end, whenever that may be, all for the Glory of God.

Want to help Trek get stamps on his passport?  You don’t have to actually GO anywhere, but if you live anywhere other than Maui, Colorado, or Nicaragua, then Trek’s never been to your neck of the woods. 

You can get your own Flat Trek with more information here.

You can encourage the family on their Facebook page or on their blogs, here, here, and here.

Thanks for letting me share here about this sweet little guy.  He has really touched my heart and I can’t stop praying for him and his family because it’s just all too familiar…


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  1. Praying for them and following them on their journey, just like i did you. If there is anything I can do, please let me know. I think I am not far from some of their family….

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