I talked with Em about healthy choices and all the Halloween candy she got this year…she was going to weigh off a few pounds of it and give it to the dentist but decided to donate it to the Gingerbread cause this year, instead.
Two years ago Jason’s sister moved in with us for a bit. She and Em and I embarked on what has now become an annual tradition: The building of a masterpiece. You might remember our first creation. It was my favorite so far…since, of course, it was in honor of my sweet Noah’s life.

Here’s a peek at our second creation.
I enjoyed that one, too, as I have a jewelry business, bebe & boo, and enjoy being creative with new and vintage pieces.

This year, per Emily’s request and design, we made Sacagawea’s Indian village. Em LOVES Sacagawea!

Anyway, we started at about 8 o’clock at night with a river…

…added a little grass and a bank…

Em put some treasures in the river, as well as a small bridge.

Here’s my favorite feature: the fire pit.

Here is the entrance to the village that Em and her Auntie created.

Here’s Em’s field, ripe for harvest.

They designed little dresses for Sacagawea’s tribal members.

(Yes, that is our Christmas tree up in the background…Em quietly carried ALL the tubs up from the basement on Friday morning and placed them smack dab in the middle of the family room floor. I guess that was her subtle way of telling me she wanted me to decorate?!)
That would be a KitKat entrance to the tepee.

Here’s Em’s creativity at best…a Brave spearing a Swedish fish from Royal Icing River.

We used sugar cones as the bases to our pine trees.

And, as you can see, the actual Gingerbread is the siding on the tepees and the Braves and Little Indian Girls.

This wasn’t the smoothest process. I had spaced that we were actually doing the Gingerbread, so, of course, forgot until about 8 pm that I had to make dough and let it sit for 2 hours before baking it. Let’s just say, with Dad in Peru, Mom skipped bed time rules and my sweet girl was up until midnight! Yikes! She thought it was great! Here are some things I learned, though, so you don’t have to replay my mistakes:

  • prepare your dough in advance
  • use real egg whites, from actual eggs you crack yourself OR use powdered eggs whites, for Royal Icing…DO NOT USE eggs whites that are in those refrigerated containers.

Yeah, that’s pretty much it. I use my Joy cookbook that was a wedding gift 17+ years ago for my recipes…Gingerbread House and Royal Icing. I try to think outside the box when it comes to a food or snack that is around the house…it’s fun to see what you can come up with. And, your kids are NOT going to miss the Halloween candy, so use it up!

We don’t actually eat our creations. In fact, we literally just put Noah’s Ark in the dumpster last Friday morning. It’s just fun to have them around for a while.

Oh, and I did not even lick my finger or taste test one piece of candy while doing this project because I am on a detox/cleanse…so, if you are trying to lose weight and think you can’t do it, think again! I’ve lost 18 lbs and it wasn’t even tempting!

The point is to be creative and have fun! And, you don’t even have to be a kid to do it!

Go get your Gingerbread on!



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  1. if you weren’t so sweet, i’d have to say: you stink! that is the kind of thing that is seen on tlc reality shows (think cake boss)….your daughter is so blessed to have these memories to look back on, and the one on one time spent together now!

  2. how cool it was to open my computer up to AOL and see an article on Chad and Ryan’s story and only to have known about them from your blog! Blogs sure do shrink the world 🙂

  3. Wow! I’ve never thought to do anything so dynamic! That’s insprirational for next year!!! So, what’s your detox/cleanse that you did? You sure look amazing!

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