Em just lost the same tooth on the other side of her mouth last night, so has two holes…must take pic.

We played bumper bowling the other day. I’m not going to lie…the bumpers came in handy for me, too!

This morning Em came and jumped in bed with me a little early, but with good reason:

Em: Mom, I lost another tooth last night!

Me: YAY! I was thinking about you at my women’s meeting and thought, “I wonder if Em lost her tooth yet or not?!”

Em: Dad yanked it right out! I screamed once and then, yank, it was out…no biggie!

Then Em pulls her wrinkly dollar bill out and stretches it straight before me. (I was the tooth fairy last night, NOT Jason, therefore Em took a $4 cut in tooth earnings! Don’t ask!)

Me: Nice! You have made quite a bit of money in the last two weeks losing teeth…you should lose a few more, maybe go into business!

We headed downstairs to pack her lunch and eat some breakfast. Side note: Em got a great kid’s Bible for her preschool graduation that we’ve read about 4 times already. It’s comic strip style. Here’s a link to check it out. She won’t eat a meal without one of us reading it to her. Honestly, even as a theology major in college, the Old Testament version of this kid’s Bible is a great refresher. ANYWAY…


Em: Mom, did you see the other exciting surprise?!

Me: No! I had no idea there was more!

Em: We have to go outside to see it, though.

Em and Jason lead me out to my pathetic ‘vegetable’ and ‘flower’ garden that, one, we seeded too late, and two, doesn’t have actual soil in it but is filled with only fertilizer! Don’t ask…seriously, don’t...

Em: Mom, look! Every row has things growing in it! Isn’t that cool!?

Me: I can’t even believe it! That is pretty cool!

Jason: Okay, Em, back in the house, you need to leave for school.

Em: Oh man! I don’t need to go to school!

Me: Yes you do, so scoot, in the house…

Em: (Spelling…) S O C H….School.

Me: RIGHT, that’s exactly why you need to go to school!

Classic! What a great way to start the day but with a great laugh brought on by our children!



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  1. I will keep a look out for the kids bible you mention – it is very helpful to hear what other kids enjoy 🙂 We here have had much joy with Manga Messiah and Manga Metamorphosis (Japanese cartoon style). My daughter reads hers often. We are waiting for more of these to be published.

  2. Happy Birthday Noah! I will always remember anxiously awaiting his arrival with Emily.

    I was actually going to email you yesterday for details about that Bible!! Perfect!

    Love you lots and lots and lots, friend.

  3. We went through a stretch where my 8 year old was pulling out his teeth just to make money off the tooth fairy. It was really bad…..he had lost 8 teeth before he was 7. When it started taking more than 8 months for the grown up teeth to grow in, we sat him down and talked to him about wiser ways to earn extra cash.

    I am sure I will be able to work that story into some kind of metaphor one day……..hmmmmmm.

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