Well, I know Halloween and Fall Break were a while ago, but I thought I’d post some pics anyway so you can see the Adventures of Emily and Ryan. 

We had an early snow so we pulled all the pumpkins into the front hall.  Ryan played “ball” with these every day until the snow melted.
For Halloween Ryan was “Adam” from the Garden.  Just kidding.  His little tooshie was raw from 2 months of diarrhea so we let him “air out” at Nana’s house.  FYI:  his big D is gone and the kid broke 4, count ’em, 4 molars!  Fun times…
Em and I got to ride horses at a friend’s house while we were home in South Dakota. What’s that?  Yes, I am wearing a Pashmina with camouflage and running shoes…(no, I wasn’t prepared for the chill at sunset!)
Bonus kid points go to Emily this year…she told me she wanted to be Cleopatra and wear her Egyptian princess costume again…it’s from two years ago…the bonus points come in that Mama didn’t have to make a costume this year!  (*To tell the truth, I kind of missed making one…)  LOVE our niece and nephews pajamas that glowed in the dark!!!  And that’s Aunt Kitty behind the sword…let’s just say Ryan DID NOT LIKE Auntie’s face painted like a kitty!
Ryan, or “Squirt,” helped me pass out candy to the kiddos in the hood.  And by “pass out” well, I have video of him chucking it left and right but I’m not sure how to post it here.  He’s into that stage of throw down/pick up/throw down/pick up!  Fun for Mama!

In order to stop Squirt from chucking the candy dish all over the hallway I allowed him a few seconds of phone time.  I NEVER allow this as a phone is NOT a toy…not in my book, anyway.  I have a feeling this kid is going to be like his daddy…a techy brainiac genius type.

I guess I did get to sew a little…we were invited to a friend’s family party down the street.  Emily insisted that we HAD to dress up, that EVERYBODY would be wearing a costume, so, I was either going to sport my senior year gold sequin prom dress circa 1990, my Grandma’s old house robe with slippers and rollers with face cream, or a flapper dress I had made for a murder mystery party we went to 15 years ago…Can you tell which one I went with?  I had to take in the dress, if you count that as sewing.  

And did we have the best costumes there, you ask?  Well, yes.  Yes we did, in fact…BECAUSE WE WERE THE ONLY FRIGGING PARENTS DRESSED UP AT THE PARTY!  So, there you go…Halloween down, Thanksgiving in a week and then December the next week!  This year is flying!

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