I want to share with you my mom’s Facebook status from yesterday. Then I’ll share some of my own thoughts…

“I want to thank everyone for their love poured out to me in prayers and well wishes, flowers, cards and lots of dinners! Just received a synopsis on the pathology report from my 30-something breast surgeon who really rocks……the cancer cells did not go beyond the first lymph node…..and the tumor was not larger than they anticipated. Thank You, Jesus…..my Faithful Savior…..my Hiding Place……my Comfort…..my King!”

My mom means this….that is, she’s sincere in her thanks for the encouragement, but also, regarding that last sentence, giving thanks to Jesus, her Faithful Savior, Hiding Place, Comfort and King, that part she means.

And she means it all the time.

It’s easy to have those sentiments about the Lord when all is well, when we receive good reports, when life is smooth and peachy keen.

That’s often when people are able to warm up to God, let Him in a little, give Him credit, even admit a bit of admiration for Him.

But what about when life hits the fan?

What about the bad days, the ill reports, the moments that grip us with fear or utter and total disappointment and despair? What about those moments?

Is Jesus still all of those things that my mom mentioned in her Facebook status?

I will say this…He is. He is even more! He doesn’t change just because our circumstances change. God is the Only One in the Universe that remains Faithful and True.

He remains.

He is unshakable.

A Rock. Our Firm Foundation. Never-changing. Always and Forever. The One True Lover of our souls.

And for my mom, whether her super awesome cancer surgeon had told her the cancer had spread, or they got it all, she would have posted those same sentiments about the Lord…because my mom knows that God is in love with her, regardless of circumstance, that He will never leave her or kick her to the curb.

The reason I can share this with such confidence is I’ve been able to witness my mom over the last 30+ years as she has trusted the Lord with her life, as well as our lives as her children.

She takes Him at His word…He promises that He is Who He says He is…no less. She knows He’s not a liar.

I tell you what, through thick and thin, whether it’s fashionable, popular or comfortable, my mom trusts God. I am so grateful for her example! And I am so thankful to love and trust Him, too!


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  1. Thanks for this. We’re in one of the moments in our lives when we’re really needing to hear this but really more important than hearing, to feel it.

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