The “Fall of Man” was for sure, by far, hand’s down the crappiest day since the dawn of TIME.

I know there have been terrible, horrific, life-altering days throughout the history of the world that have affected more people than just the first two people loved wholeheartedly by the Creator of the Universe, but as far as changing the whole course of history…that day sucked, for sure!

I mean, really, right?! Oh, poor Adam and Eve! Yeah, they had it so rough, right?! I feel really sorry for them. God made them…in His own image…showed the vastness of His love by giving them every good thing He had just creatively made in The Garden, save ONE. We all know that genocide kills more people than Adam and Eve, and besides, they left The Garden with their lives!

Yes, they did leave The Garden alive…but now they would surely know the effects of death.

I know to the naked eye, the fact that Adam and Eve weren’t zapped with a lightning bolt and fried to a crisp for their disobedience makes some think the effects of their choice were not all that grave…or that their consequences were simply felt by them…make no mistake, it was a grave decision…and we still feel the repercussions.

One repercussion of The Fall, I believe, is TIME.

We live in TIME. We measure it. We function within TIME. For us, those living here on Earth currently who can read this blog, TIME is all we know. Unless we’ve been to Heaven and returned, we cannot fathom the difference between life measured in ETERNITY and life lived out in TIME.

Part of The Fall is that we live in the tangible yet are expected to hope in a faith we cannot see but somehow are able feel.

Don’t get me wrong, TIME can be great! The anticipation of an exciting event like a birth or marriage, a vacation or TIME spent with people you love…that kind of TIME can be so beautiful and fulfilling.

And then, of course, the passage of TIME can be trying sometimes, even excruciating. For instance WAITING for something you really want, like a kid waiting for their birthday or Christmas…the place where waiting and patience collide.

I’ve read in God’s word that “life is but a breath”. I have gathered from His word that God functions in a different realm of TIME than I can see or grasp. I have experienced that life is short, yet losing someone we love, regardless of how much TIME we did get to spend with them, as long as we live on this Earth, that amount of TIME will never be enough.

Whether it’s 93 years, 49 years, 34 years, 20 years, 7 months, or an hour, because we live within the boundaries of TIME, it will always hurt for those of us left over.

It’s no secret that since losing Noah my perspective on life and death has radically changed. The same is true about TIME. When Jesus said He’d be back “soon”, I know He meant it…even though according to our measurement that was, like 2000 years ago! So, I have to allow my heart to trust that “soon” to God is measured differently than “soon” to us, here and now.

And one day, when we are able to see more clearly because we will be with God, I imagine we won’t even have to measure TIME or look back and wonder why then, why so soon?

We will be in ETERNITY, free from the effects of The Fall and with all the TIME in the world.

…until then, even though we hope, we grieve in TIME.


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  1. oh adrienne how we could sit with cups of coffee and chat forever!! 🙂 I love this.

    This is so TIMEly because LITERALLY this WEEK – our church fellowship talked about this!!!!! We talked about the dimension of time – how constraining it is – how after this earth we will not live in that dimension anymore. How there is sooo much more reality than the way God set up our reality.

    I could go on and on — point is – I HEAR YOU!!!! and we were JUST talkin about this. Love it.

    stay blessed 🙂 thanks for sharing as always

  2. i hear your heart huge here. sometimes, our greatest gift (our time here with the ones we love) is also the greatest curse. it will pass.

    here’s one thing that i am certain of however, i was not made for this place. my heart longs to be without time contraints. that brings me great peace.

  3. Adrienne… I just want you to know that I am praying for you and that precious little one. I know you have to be close… I have been following since your sweet precious Noah went to be with Jesus and then through the loss of our Samuel… and now I am praying you through the birth of this little one… May He strengthen you each day:)


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