It’s kind of fun, but I’ve been referring to myself in the third person as “Big Mama”. I’ve also thought of calling myself “Gran-mama”, not because I think I am old or anyone else that is circa their late 30’s early 40’s is old, but just because if I don’t take life in stride, it’s just not as fun!

Anyway, I’ve made an executive decision that has been helped along by Big Daddy (who, of course, isn’t even big but it’s entertaining to say…) as well as my pelvis and achy feet that I am not going to walk the Bolder Boulder. I am bummed about it because I really like walking and was looking forward to strolling along with my friend, Margaret…but as you know, being 6.5 months pregnant, even though my doctor says health wise I would be fine, I don’t think my pelvis can presently handle the distance, or my achy, poofy feet.

However, if you are still interested in joining my team of joggers/runners/walkers by contributing financially, 100% of your donation goes directly to Living Water International to repair clean drinking wells in Haiti. You can either head to the upper left hand corner of my blog to donate or head to my friend’s page and cheer her on! Carolyn has been organizing our efforts this past year to help Haiti and will be traveling their this fall. She rocks and has a good pelvis and not so achy feet!

Once I’m done being pregnant, Big Mama will be back in the game, walking great distances…my body just isn’t quite up for it! Thank you to all of you who have already joined us in this effort!



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