Our son, the Rabbi… Noah’s cotton balls that protect his ears from his hat straps unraveled from squirming around so much. We think he looks like a Hasidic Jewish Rabbi. We are very proud of him:)

This little ensemble makes Noah look like a Hasidic Jewish Rabbi.


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  1. Hey you guys,
    This is hallarious! I got and email from Terra and she said she is coming as well. I am looking foward to being able to see Noah and spend some time with you guys…Emily is getting so big!
    I am continally praying for you guys. I love and miss you.

  2. Just eavesdropping on Tonja’s email about coming to Denver & Terra as well. Goodness sounds like a Graves party & you know I hate missing those. Ade, your good unceasing good humor inspires me. Rabbi indeed. Rabboni means “teacher,” as you know. And Noah is teaching us, is he not. To perservere and trust. The forever lesson on this earth: Trust. I miss my friend Kaija. I love you so — care

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