I’m not a consistent blog reader, or writer, obviously.  It goes in waves, sometimes because I have time, sometimes as the crow flies, other times if I’m inspired to write, or read, if there’s a good link from a trusted friend.  Yada, yada.

So, this friend who is a missionary is home on furlough.  We were going to grab coffee last week, so I went to her blog to catch up on some news and see what was “new” in her world, besides what I already knew through some emails.

On her blog she had put it out there if anyone wanted to join her in reading through the Bible in 90 days.  Her start date was something like June 18th ish.

I emailed her prior to our coffee date and said I’d love to join her in reading through the Bible in 90 days.  Those year long reading programs just seemed so, oh I don’t know, long and drawn out.  This seemed like a great challenge and since I’ve just finished up some great study time in the prophetic books (Daniel ROCKS), I thought it would be great to go back through the Bible from cover to cover, this time, though, in The Message Remix version.

She said, “HA!  That’s funny!  I’m not a very consistent blogger.  That post was from one year ago!”

Then she let me know she’d love to join me, but she’s about to dive into learning the Czech language all summer, so couldn’t do both.  Whatever, just because she’s got 4 kids, is living in someone else’s home and learning Czech, moving to another foreign country in 2 months, I mean, what’s the big deal?!  *please know I’m joking…

But I was already kind of excited, so I determined to start on June 1st and then threw it “out there” to Facebook world.

And 15 girls from around the country are doing it, too!  I was BLOWN AWAY!  I’m a total team player, so was so excited to set out on this journey with others, though I was going to do it on my own either way.

I’ve read and studied the New International Version of the Bible for 26 years now.  And it’s good and rich and I love all God has taught me through reading it. 

But I’m also NOT that girl who thinks you can only know God if you read the KJV or whatever other Koolaid some people are trying to pour you.

Anyway, I love the wording of The Message Remix and have been reading it sporadically over the last year (Mother’s Day gift, 2012) as my main go-to.  And I tell you what, reading it from beginning to end (I’m only on Genesis 45 right now, day 3) is already totally awesome!  And difficult, and gut-wrenching, and I wish I had more hours in the day…

If you are interested in doing it, too, and are on Facebook, you can let me know here in the comments and I can add you to the private group.  Though you can just check in here, too, once in a while as I’ll be posting here and there about what God shows me.  We aren’t following a specific reading plan or anything.  This isn’t a legalistic undertaking, but a time of intention to read for what works out to be approximately one hour a day.  Often times in Bible studies or times of prayer, we are the ones doing all the talking, going down our list of things we want God to do for us.  This is a time of reading what God has done throughout history and what His deep down love story looks like for mankind…what He has to say to us.

And, my friend even listened to it on CD if she was out on a walk or in her car or whatever. 


I hope you can join us.  If not, when you think of it, please pray for us.  We’re in:  MN, HI, CO, VA, GA, NC, OK, MI, NE, TX, and…


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