Let’s just pretend, for those of you who do not believe in the existence of God or those of you who may, but don’t care to have a relationship with Him, or those of you who do believe in Him but are fine with keeping Him at a distance…

Let’s just pretend for a minute that God is real.  He exists, really did create you, and isn’t just a big guy in the sky throwing flaming fire balls at people down here on earth who piss Him off, all Santa-style, “You better watch out, you better not cry…”

What if you were going to die in your sleep tonight, but since it’s only 10 in the morning, you have about 14 hours to view God and His existence and who you are on this earth, in a new light?  Would anything change?  Would you be more kind to yourself?  Others?

I’m not asking YOLO questions like if you’d tight rope across the Grand Canyon or swim the English Channel or party on a private beach in the Seychelles.

photo: seychelles.org

photo: seychelles.org

No.  What if God really does exist and the ONLY filters you had to view Him through were: He made you and He loves you.  That’s it.

What if?

What if you could believe and trust a good God who made you and loves you, NOT through filters set up by man, but simply through love, and not just love, but unconditional love?

What if we simply existed as humans who were hand-crafted and designed by the Creator of the Universe, One who does not exist within a box, One who said, “That’s some good stuff,” when He made us?  And what if we looked at everyone else around us as loved and created, too, crust, flaws, and all?

What if we stopped trying to put God into a box of playing Santa Claus, and started getting to know Him the way He desires to be known, as the Lover of our souls?

Who knows?  Maybe some people would come to believe not only that He exists, but He is also good, and the Author of Love.  And maybe some who have thought they believed in Him or lived in a twisted man-induced fear of Him, would get to know Him in the awe-inspiring way He was meant to be known.

And maybe we’d love ourselves and others with beauty and selflessness…not just “others” but every. single. one.

I don’t know.  I’m just throwing it out there…imagine this coming to life in our generation and in the generations to come…

What if…?

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