So, I feathered my hair. You know you want to try it. And, that young thing to the left of the picture, when I told her that I ‘feathered my hair’ said, “What’s feathering?” Which, mind you, came only days after Jason informed me that we were ‘middle-aged’. Who knew 37 was middle aged?! I would beg to differ, Sweetheart! Anyway, not to mention, people, this all transpired maybe a week or two after I decided to stop plucking my gray hairs and let them grow freely on my head, since, I concluded that at this stage in my life, gray hairs are better than no hairs. (If you are bald, I am not knocking you…baldness is good, I just don’t want to induce it, if you know what I mean?!) And besides…I have darn well earned every gray hair on this melon!

So, go have a little fun this weekend! Go feather your hair, just for fun, baby, and post some pictures! Let’s bring it back, at least for one weekend! It felt good to step back in time and turn my curling iron in the opposite direction!

Feathering tip: Blow dry hair with big round brush in direction of feathering, then use a large curling iron to send those feathers way back. If you blow it dry straight and then try to curl it back, it doesn’t have the same effect. Only apply AquaNet for nostalgia, otherwise, it’s 2009, just go au natural and save the environment…

(Yes, I was bored the other day and thought, “I wonder what my hair would look like feathered…” Now I know. Not sure it’ll be a repeat offense!)

Lighten up a little and have fun, will ya?!
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  1. Love the feathered look! Keep it up!

    My ‘middle-aged-ness’ is showing too…the grey can no longer be controlled by plucking. I will be coloring my hair for the first time *eh-vuh* this year! Help.

  2. It must be the season for the new-do. You did great witht he feathering, but next time you need to poof up the height just a bit more, don’t cha think?

    word verification says “permoo”

  3. What’s feathering?!?! *sigh. But, I’m almost 37 too, so what do I know? 🙂

    I have one spot right in front with enough gray that I’m considering just making making it a streak on purpose. Whadda think? 😉

  4. i love it! my hair is too curly to get the right feather effect. not such a big deal now but when i was 13 it was a bitter pill to swallow! i tried, but it never worked – i had a friend with perfectly straight, blond, featheriffic hair too – oh well! thanks for the blast from the past.

    from, another “middle-aged” mama

  5. Aqua Net!!! Oh my goodness! You totally crack me up! Although White Rain came to my mind first! And…37 is middle age?? Oh my, I am months away! I couldn’t get my hair to feather when it was the “in” thing to do — but it does look good on you!!! : )

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