Today’s writing prompt is GLUE.


Yesterday Ryan glued a piece of art together at preschool but when I picked him up it was still a bit wet because they used regular glue rather than glue sticks. The teacher placed his artwork onto another piece of paper so we could carefully transport it to the car.

And as you might have imagined, now his artwork is stuck to another piece of paper, something he didn’t choose for his original design, nevertheless now very much a part of his piece. I could pull at it a bit and remove it, but there is the risk of ripping his adorable little masterpiece. I could cut away at the unwanted attachment, this nondescript piece of paper with last week’s words on it, but there would still be evidence of it, something not meant to be there initially, but now very much a part of the display.

What to do?

And we are like this.

Some things stick to us and we are happy, thrilled even. “Mommy, looooook!”  We did it! We picked up a beneficial habit or received an award or recognition for a job well done.

Good things stick, but unwanted things stick, too.

Stereotypes, brands, shame, our own thoughtless words, those of others…

And we need to choose: do we tear the paper off the back of the artwork, because it wasn’t meant to be there in the first place, solely meant for its purpose of transport and protection, risking a tear in the original piece?  Or, do we allow it to become part of a new masterpiece?

I do believe there is still beauty in both, in the tearing out and the unexpected alteration. Neither defines us but rather adds depth, determination, and distinction.




If you are inspired to write, head over to Lisa-Jo Baker’s site to read more #FMFParty submissions by writers around the Web. You can read there, or go write your own piece and link up in the link portion of the post, then go read some of the other pieces and leave a comment.

Have a beautiful and blessed weekend!  A weekend remembered thousands of years later…where Blood became my glue.


7 Responses

  1. Thank you for this word picture of how unwanted things may stick to us and if we allow become part of a new masterpiece. This sentence especially reached deep:
    “I do believe there is still beauty in both, in the tearing out and the unexpected alteration. Neither defines us but rather adds depth, determination, and distinction.”

  2. I love the image of beauty being found both ways–by incorporation or tearing out–I’m glad we have an Artist who guides us on which would better serve his purpose (otherwise, I’d be full of holes!). Easter blessings from your FMF neighbor :).

    • YAY! Anita! It’s fun to start recognizing faces and names in the FMF community! Happy Easter to you, as well! Thanks for your encouragement!

  3. Great word picture. I am so enjoying reading everyone’s take on glue today. It seems like each blog is speaking right to my heart! Thanks so much!

    • Brenda, right?! I feel the same way! It’s so neat to see how God puts diverse things on our hearts about the very same subject…to encourage each other, right where we are. I pray you have a blessed Easter!

  4. My daughter has a book called “Beautiful Oops”. It is about making an oops into something beautiful.
    Your post made me think of that book and how we can choose to make something that hurts into something beautiful.

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