Below you will find a quiz.  It’s a language quiz.  And by “language quiz” I mean, it’s the language of my 2 year old son, Ryan.  A language I am expected to interpret and act upon every day.

Let’s be honest, it’s more like a game of MadGab, but I want to remember his sweet words at this stage in his life, so thought it would be fun to make it into a test for everyone else.  Don’t worry, I’m recording some of this, too, and will post those later next week so you can hear how sweet it is.

In the comments section, answer as many of the questions you can with one guess/translation per question.  I will keep this open until Tuesday, September 25th at midnight Mountain time.  The person with the most correct answers wins a pair of sterling and freshwater pearl earrings from bebe&boo.   *Hint:  “moo moo” does not translate = moo moo, it actually means something…

Welcome to my life…please translate the following words in your comment (I’ll go easy on you, to start…because I’m nice like that…)

  1. Moo, moo = Cow (freebie)
  2. Pay noun = 
  3. Moe neen =
  4. Hail puh = 
  5. Honey =
  6. Jiss =
  7. Obble bus =
  8. Moody =
  9. Icky =
  10. Eeb rah =
  11. Hop hop =
  12. Eebitt =
  13. Nay nay =
  14. Cow =
  15. Boof =
  16. Me Oh Me =
  17. Yay dee =
  18. Deet =
  19. Oonie = 
  20. Beet boot =
  21. Boot =
  22. Sue =
  23. Rarrrr =
  24. Boat Ee Goo =
  25. Dough Ghee =
  26. Oat shyed =
  27. Bay oh =
  28. How whoooo =
  29. Bieber =
  30. Hoo hoo, ha ha =
  31. Pwffft =
  32. Maah tee =
  33. Booty =
  34. Poopie =
  35. Boobie =
  36. Dood doy =
  37. Mook =
  38. Dood nye moon =
  39. Num num =
  40. Cuckoo =
Have fun and have a fantastic weekend!


25 Responses

  1. 2. play now
    3. morning
    4. helper
    5. honey (?)
    6. this
    7. ?
    8. ?
    9. sticky
    10. zebra
    11. bunny
    12. rabbit
    13. horse
    14. cow (?)
    16. my oh my
    17. lady

    Oh, I give up! It’s been almost 24 years since I had a talker like that, LOL. So stinkin’ cute! Love the very last one, haha. Can’t wait to see the correct answers.

    • Hi Ginger! Maybe you should study this list so you’ll know what Lindsay and Beto’s baby is saying to you 🙂 You’ve got time to study diligently 🙂 I’ve already started another giveaway Friday for a whole other list the kid says 🙂 What fun! Hope your foot is healing and all is well in MI! xoxox

  2. Welcome to my life…please translate the following words in your comment (I’ll go easy on you, to start…because I’m nice like that…)

    Moo, moo = Cow (freebie)
    Pay noun =
    Moe neen = Morning
    Hail puh = Helper
    Honey = Honey
    Jiss = This or Kiss
    Obble bus =
    Moody =
    Icky = Yuck
    Eeb rah = Zebra
    Hop hop = Bunny
    Eebitt = Rabbit
    Nay nay = Horse
    Cow = Moo Moo
    Boof = Woof
    Me Oh Me = My oh my
    Yay dee = Lady
    Deet = Teeth
    Oonie =
    Beet boot = Best Bud
    Boot = Bud
    Sue = Sure
    Rarrrr = Tiger
    Boat Ee Goo = Bed We Go
    Dough Ghee = Doggie
    Oat shyed = Outside
    Bay oh = Bible
    How whoooo =
    Bieber = Justin Bieber
    Hoo hoo, ha ha = The beginning of a Janet Jackson song
    Pwffft = Fart
    Maah tee = Emily
    Booty = Buns
    Poopie = Poo
    Boobie = Barbie
    Dood doy = Good Day
    Mook = Nuk
    Dood nye moon = Goodnight Moon
    Num num = Yummy
    Cuckoo = Crazy
    Have fun and have a fantastic weekend

    • Lisa, my mascara is running…Janet Jackson!? Hilarious! You are gonna laugh when you see what Pwffft really is…OH, this is good fun! Thanks for playing, girls!

    • Lisa, some great guesses! You got 13 correct…when I post my “Key” Tuesday night, you can see which ones were right…unfortunately, there are a couple girls with more answers correct than you got. Thanks for the great laughs, though!

  3. Pay noun = play now
    Moe neen = more green monster smoothie (more green)
    Hail puh = help!
    Honey = If that’s what Jason calls you, I’m pretty sure that’s what he calls you, too.
    Jiss = yes
    Obble bus = octopus
    Moody = music
    Icky = itchy
    Eeb rah = elbow
    Hop hop = cupcake
    Eebitt = what a rabbit says
    Nay nay = what a horse says (or his “No” is very Euro)
    Cow = okay
    Boof = he’s been hanging around the production guys. This is what they call the tech booth.
    Me Oh Me = a friend named Naomi
    Yay dee = him cheering for tea. “Yay, tea!”
    Deet = time to eat!
    Oonie = spoon
    Beet boot = a game that makes noises that sound like beep boop
    Boot =
    Sue = zoo
    Rarrrr = car noise (or possibly lion)
    Boat Ee Goo =
    Dough Ghee = doggie
    Oat shyed = outside
    Bay oh = bear
    How whoooo = imitating the Yahoo! commercials
    Bieber = He has an older sister. I’m concerned this is actually “Bieber”
    Hoo hoo, ha ha = please don’t tell me this is what he calls female bits!
    Pwffft = push (like on a swing)
    Maah tee = my chair
    Booty = pretty sure you’ve already taught him “booty”, and it’s what’s in his diaper
    Poopie = word for Dad
    Boobie = birdie
    Dood doy = good boy
    Mook = milk
    Dood nye moon = This is a delicacy in some Thai restaurants. He obviously has good taste in food.
    Num num = what he says when something tastes good.
    Cuckoo = cracker

    Whatever these mean, I’m impressed with your phonetic spelling 🙂

    • Margaret, you got 10 correct, my dear! Thank you for the laughs, nonetheless! I will post the “Key” on Tuesday night so you can compare your answers 🙂

  4. Oh, Dear Margaret! How fun to laugh at all of these guesses! And thanks for the compliment on my phonetic spelling 🙂 You girls are making me laugh, laugh, laugh, and that is exactly what my heart needed, apparently! So fun!

  5. Wow. OK. I’ll give it a shot. Its been a long time since I had to interpret baby talk. lol

    1. Moo moo=Cow (NAILED IT)
    2. pay noun=play now
    3. moe neen=morning
    4. hail puh=help you
    5. honey=honey
    6. jiss=kiss
    7. obble bus=
    8. moddy=movie
    9. icky=sticky
    10. eeb rah=zebra
    11. hop hop=kangaroo
    12. eebitt=ribbitt 9what a frog says)
    13. nah nah=horse
    14. cow=owl
    15. boof=woof 9what a dog says)
    16. me oh me=please hold me
    17. yay dee=lady
    18. deet=sweet
    19. oonie=moon
    20. beet boot=ski boot
    21. boot=boot
    22. sue=shoe
    23. rarrr=sound a lion makes
    24. boat ee goo=
    25. dough ghee=doggie
    26. oat shyed= outside
    27. bay oh=bear
    28. how whoooo=hello
    29. bieber= as in justin bieber
    30. hoo hoo, ha ha=santa’s laugh
    31. pwiffft=poof
    32. maaah tee=potty
    33. booty=bottom
    34. poopie=poop in the diaper
    35. boobie=scoobie
    36. dood doy=good boy
    37. mook=milk
    38. dood nye moon=Good night moon
    39. num num=want one or he likes it
    40. cuckoo=mean you’re crazy

    So how’d I do. I think I won!!!! 😉

    • Karen! So far, sis, you are in the lead with 16 right answers! The games are still open until tomorrow night, but just wanted to give you a heads up 🙂 I will post the “Key” tomorrow night so you can see the true translations. Nice work!

  6. Here’s Annie Shoberg’s answers sent in via email:

    1. Cow
    2. I wanna play! Put me down!
    3. Morning
    5. Bee (my other guess was “money,” but he’s too young for this)
    6. This
    7. Applesauce
    8. Judy (kid likes Judge Judy?)
    9. Something’s sticky, clean me up, Ma!
    10. Debrah
    11. Rabbit
    12. Rabbit
    13. Horse
    14. Cow
    15. Dog
    16. Naomi
    17. Lady
    18. Feet
    19. Honey
    20. Peek a boo
    23. Lion
    24. Body Glue!?!
    25. Doggie
    26. Outside
    27. Playdough
    28. Coyote
    29. Bieber Fever!!!
    30. You’re hilarious, as indicated by my laugh
    31. That’s ridiculous/ also, shy humility at mama’s compliment
    32. Mighty, as in “My God is so big, so strong and so MIGHTY, there’s nothing my God can not do.”
    34. Puppy, but beware, could be puppy poop
    35. Barbie
    36. Good boy
    37. Milk
    28. Good night, moon (ie: pacifier)
    39. Yummy, I like it.
    40. Bird

    • Dear Lord, you had me rolling, Annie! So far you are in 2nd place after Karen Kool, with 15 correct answers! Unfortunately I couldn’t 30, 31, and 32, though those had my mascara streaming down my face! YOU ARE FUNNY! Thanks for playing 🙂 Fun times! I will post the “Key” tomorrow night 🙂

  7. Here’s Lori Vogel Bierschbach’s sent in via email:

    Moo, moo = Cow (freebie)
    Pay noun = Play now
    Moe neen = Mommy
    Hail puh = Help
    Honey = Honey
    Jiss = This
    Obble bus = Bus
    Moody = ? I’m stumped on this one Mad
    Icky = Yucky
    Eeb rah = Emily
    Hop hop = Rabbit
    Eebitt = Eat it
    Nay nay = Horse
    Cow = Cow MOO MOO
    Boof = Puppy is in woof woof
    Me Oh Me = Mine
    Yay dee = Yes
    Deet = Eat
    Oonie = One
    Beet boot = beets
    Boot = Shoe
    Sue = shooo (as in shoo fly)
    Rarrrr = Lion
    Boat Ee Goo = Boat go
    Dough Ghee = Doggie
    Oat shyed = Out side
    Bay oh = Bye
    How whoooo = Owl
    Bieber = Baby
    Hoo hoo, ha ha = Laugh
    Pwffft = blow nose
    Maah tee = My or mine
    Booty = But
    Poopie = Poop or Pee
    Boobie = Boobs!!
    Dood doy = Daddy
    Mook = Milk
    Dood nye moon = see the moon
    Num num = Yummy

    • Lori, you got 11 correct! Nice guesses! I will be posting the “Key” tomorrow night so you can check your answers 🙂 Thanks for playing! Unfortunately, 11 isn’t enough to win the prize this time…

  8. Moo, moo = Cow (freebie)
    Pay noun = play now
    Moe neen = good morning
    Hail puh = help
    Honey = he calls you, emily, or jason this sometimes because he hears you calling each other that
    Jiss = this
    Obble bus = applesauce
    Moody = smoothie
    Icky = sticky
    Eeb rah = zebra
    Hop hop = rabbit
    Eebitt = leave it
    Nay nay = night night
    Cow = horse
    Boof = dog
    Me Oh Me = mommy
    Yay dee = daddy
    Deet = eat
    Oonie = emily
    Beet boot = peek a boo
    Boot = boo
    Sue = you
    Rarrrr = roar, his pirate sound 🙂
    Boat Ee Goo = go to school
    Dough Ghee = doggie
    Oat shyed = outside
    Bay oh = bed
    How whoooo = helloooo
    Bieber = he’s down with pop culture already. is em a fan? 😉 justin? 😉
    Hoo hoo, ha ha = his laugh? haha
    Pwffft = ooh, that was a close one.
    Maah tee = my drink
    Booty = pretty
    Poopie = change my diaper
    Boobie = baby
    Dood doy = good boy
    Mook = milk
    Dood nye moon = good night moon
    Num num = that’s good
    Cuckoo = cookie

  9. Here’s Heather G’s entry via email..

    Moo, moo = Cow (freebie)
    Pay noun = play now
    Moe neen = morning
    Hail puh = help please
    Honey = honey
    Jiss = kiss
    Obble bus = all of us
    Moody = smoothie
    Icky = what he says when he makes a mess
    Eeb rah = zebra
    Hop hop = bunny
    Eebitt = ribbit (what a frog says)
    Nay nay = horse
    Cow = now (it can’t really stand for cow, if cow is moo moo, right?)
    Boof = roof (sound a dog makes)
    Me Oh Me = Emily
    Yay dee = Lady
    Deet = dad
    Oonie = mommy
    Beet boot = belly button or maybe peek-a-boo
    Boot = boo or if beet boot is belly button, then just button
    Sue = soon
    Rarrrr = “ROAR” sound a lion or bear makes
    Boat Ee Goo = ‘body go? (as in “Where did everybody go?”)
    Dough Ghee = doggie
    Oat shyed = outside
    Bay oh = play now
    How whoooo = loud sound a fire truck, police car, or train makes
    Bieber = Daner (what you call your sister)
    Hoo hoo, ha ha = his fake laugh for when he thinks he should be laughing
    Pwffft = oops
    Maah tee = more please
    Booty = potty
    Poopie = as in poopy diaper
    Boobie = a boo boo (ouchie)
    Dood doy = good boy
    Mook = book
    Dood nye moon = good night moon
    Num num = yum yum
    Cuckoo = cracker

  10. Moo, moo = Cow (freebie)
    Pay noun = Play now
    Moe neen = Morning
    Hail puh = Help
    Honey = Winnie the Pooh
    Jiss = Kiss
    Obble bus = School Bus
    Moody = Muddy
    Icky = Yucky
    Eeb rah = Zebra
    Hop hop = Bunny
    Eebitt = Rabbit
    Nay nay = Horse
    Cow = How
    Boof = Dog
    Me Oh Me = Man
    Yay dee = Lady
    Deet = This
    Oonie = Blankie
    Beet boot =
    Boot =
    Sue = Use
    Rarrrr = Lion
    Boat Ee Goo = Billy Goat
    Dough Ghee = Doggie
    Oat shyed = Outside
    Bay oh = A pet?
    How whoooo = Who’s that
    Bieber = Justin
    Hoo hoo, ha ha = Evil laugh (lol)
    Pwffft = Sticking his tongue out
    Maah tee = Party
    Booty = Potty
    Poopie = Diaper change
    Boobie = Barbie
    Dood doy = Good boy
    Mook = Milk
    Dood nye moon = Good Night moon
    Num num = Food
    Cuckoo = Bird

  11. Here’s yet another entry. THis one comes from Jill Tallents in MN:
    Moo, moo = Cow (freebie)
    Pay noun = Peanut
    Moe neen =cat
    Hail puh = help
    Honey =money
    Jiss =this
    Obble bus =all of us
    Moody =money
    Icky =sticky
    Eeb rah =zebra
    Hop hop =rabbit
    Eebitt =frog
    Nay nay =horse
    Cow =owie
    Boof =dog? (ruff)
    Me Oh Me =mine
    Yay dee =lady
    Deet =feet
    Oonie = noodle
    Beet boot =robot
    Boot =shoe
    Sue =zoo
    Rarrrr =tiger/lion
    Boat Ee Goo =where did it go?
    Dough Ghee =doggie
    Oat shyed =outside
    Bay oh =bail
    How whoooo =who is it?
    Bieber =beaver
    Hoo hoo, ha ha =it’s hot
    Pwffft =car, plane,??
    Maah tee =naughty
    Booty =butt
    Poopie =poip
    Boobie =blanket
    Dood doy =chew toy
    Mook =milk
    Dood nye moon =look at the moon
    Num num =food
    Cuckoo =chicken/rooster

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