Last night as we were winding down, Jason on the couch, me tidying up a few things in the kitchen, getting my glass of water for bed, I asked Jason a simple question.

Me: “Did you think I looked pretty today?”

Jason: “Of course!”

Me: “Well, why didn’t you say so?”

Jason: “You look beautiful everyday…”

Now, of course that is the right answer, but really?!

Me, snarkly-like: “Oh, then I guess you don’t have to tell me ever again…”

Yes, we both just smiled.

I know it sounds like I was fishing, but PEOPLE, I had taken a shower! I mean, it’s not that rare, but as a busy mom, let’s all just be honest here…showers may happen every day or every other day, but actually washing and blowing dry my hair, well, that happens maybe twice a week, if I’m lucky!

Husbands, take notice!

I already felt pretty yesterday and didn’t need Jason to say so. I had spent a lot of time reading God’s word and felt very refreshed, beautiful on the inside because God had said so…I also just happened to have a skirt on, which never happens, so, you’d think your hubby might notice…wink, wink.

Anyway, from my post yesterday or the day before about the Proverbs 31 woman, I’m inspired to try an experiment. First of all, let me just say I don’t ask Jason if he thinks I’m pretty all the time. Remember, he said I’m beautiful everyday. Ahem.

But, my experiment is this: I’m not going to shower or wash my hair ever again. And let me tell you, it’s gonna get stinky! I’m going to have me some very hairy legs and my hair, well, it’ll look like I stuck my head in a deep fryer. So, add to the lack of hygiene more time reading God’s word, praying and sitting at His feet, and I suspect Jason will be simply overcome by my appearance.

Okay, so, I’m totally kidding! Ewwwwww!

The point is this, ladies, our beauty is on the inside when our hearts are before the Lord. Here’s a quote from my jewelry blog:

“We truly believe that every woman’s heart was designed to be beautiful. What we wear on the inside will always be seen by the discerning eye. What we wear on the outside is simply a reflection of our tastes and who we are…it will never take the place of our inner beauty…beauty that will last us a lifetime.”

And all you guys out there, even if you think your lady is beautiful every day, tell her what you think…she’s not a mind reader.

And, if she’s not pretty, if her heart is dark and broken, sad, distraught and in despair, if she’s angry and unkind, well, start filling her heart with Truth. Fill it a little bit at a time. Encourage her in God’s word…it may be a slow process but God is bigger. He works miracles all the time.

And one day, when she walks in the door, you won’t be overcome by her appearance, you’ll be taken aback by her beauty.


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