The sixth chapter of Matthew is one of my staples.

I could read it every. single. day.

The five main topics it covers are: giving, praying, fasting, heart treasures, and worry.

One of my life motto’s is to live one day at a time…not worrying about all the what if’s? and unknowns. I HATE, ABHOR, GET SO CRANKY, when, in life, I or others, have gone off on rabbit trails about all the worst case scenarios that could possibly occur with such and such a situation. It’s a waste of time to go there…it only breeds discontent, anxiety, worry, crippling, disease…

With all of God’s word, I really take these words of Jesus to heart. I figure, hey, He knows a heck of a lot more than me, has had a bit more life experience (even if He died when He was 33), sees a bigger picture, and knows the whole future, so trusting that He doesn’t make this stuff up might just give me the advantage in this life. The advantage over an Enemy that hates my guts and wants to steal joy from me.

I’m pretty Literal. Black and White. Right and Wrong. Rule Follower. But that is for me, I’m not projecting it on you or you or her or him. I often have inner turmoil when I don’t do something just so. It’s my own imperfect pursuit of perfection and I realize it’s not right. It has its disadvantages, but it also has advantages

for instance, when I read God’s word, I take it literally. When I read it I don’t have a million questions racing through my mind whether I think it is true or not, whether God was just pulling my leg when He wrote this, or whether there’s a catch to everything I read. No, He said it.

No. God is Who HE says HE is. HE is not a liar. HE is not a man that HE could lie. HE is truth. The Ultimate Answer in the pursuit of truth. GOD is Truth.

So, when I read His word, I trust that He has given it to me as a gift, a sneak peek, preview, forewarning, or guide to living here on earth outside of His physical presence. I take it literally because, since I don’t live in The Garden, it’s the next best thing to walking alongside Him and learning all He wanted to show us originally.

So, back to Matthew 6, and doing one day at a time…reading the five lessons that Jesus touches on here, all of them are summed up in the final two verses, 6:33&34:

“But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well. Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.”

Em and I have been tracing back to my Catholic heritage a bit. You see, in regular evangelical circles, you don’t hear “The Our Father” all that often, though everyone knows it. Well, Em and I have been praying it, or a version of it, every day…because it does what verse 33 tells us to do.

When Jesus told us how to pray, it starts out blessing God’s name…not listing the 50 million things that we want or that need fixing on this earth. God knows this…

Hello! News Flash: verse 8…for your Father knows what you need before you ask him.

It’s like putting the cart before the horse when we give God our grocery and “to-do” list before we seek Him, thank Him, and praise Him first.

It’s a practical thing, but one I wanted to share. Trusting God and thanking Him, rather than worrying, is a practice I haven’t perfected, but it’s what I wanted to share because as humans we have a tendency to worry about all the what if’s? The problem is, as much as we try, we can’t control, or even begin to understand, all the outcomes or the processes.

But God does. And He is big. And if we can trust Him with the words,

“…your kingdom come,
your will be done
on earth as it is in heaven…”

…then literally taking one day at a time, though some may be easy and others excruciating, will become a new way of living life.

Random thoughts I just wanted to share…


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  1. this was a very beautiful glimpse into your faithful heart. thanks for sharing.

    i feel quite similar. and that is why i have found such peace in the evolution of my prayer life. from feeling the need to relay to God all that is on my heart, as though i must literally verbalize each request, in order for Him to grant it! the Lord’s prayer is extremely powerful. and quite literally HE said, “when you pray, pray like this!”

    our Father, who dwells in heaven….HOLY is your name! good stuff.

  2. I truly WISH I was a literal thinker like you, Ade. But no… I have to over analyze and question and over think every. little. thing. in my life. I know it drives others crazy… heck! I drives ME crazy!!! I guess both have their advantages, but today I needed to hear this from your perspective. Today I am going to simply pray the Our Father and trust and rest.

    Or I’m going to really, really try. 😉

  3. Great timing, great reminder…He IS Who He says He is and I can rest and let Him show me what I am to do TODAY. Worries about tomorrow creep in a lot lately and your words, today, are from Him. Thank you for being faithful and sharing your heart.

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