“I will combat my stress and heated difficult parenting moments with trips to the toilet.

I read a really darling short story about a woman who locked herself in her master bathroom happily for the weekend.  It was her own special stay-cation, complete with Orangina and crackers.
I may have to try that.  Don’t tell my kids.”
 –  Jessica Patay, author of “She Runs a Good Race”

Here’s my comment:
Some thoughts: I rhymed “Orangina” with vagina when I read that…and you caught me, my kids are perfect and I do, indeed, every moment of everyday, respond in godly wisdom and oozing goodness to them, like it oozes from me, from every pore…it’s like I’m angelic or something.  This post has just inspired a post in my head…so I’m heading over to my blog to get my writing on, but in the meantime, you are better than me because instead of sitting on the pot to talk to God and find “poof” peace lately, I’ve been escaping to try to beat level “30” on Candy Crush.  And when I do sit in there a while I poop rainbows.  #isuckwayworsethanyou #youareonefantasticmama #iloveyougirl #youareawesome

My girlfriend Jess is an inspired writer, raw and authentic, and just posted some great wisdom for moms, a result of what she has been learning in “time-out”…not her kids’ time-outs, but her own…where she puts herself to cool off and think it over.  The following post was inspired by her piece and actually started as my comment in her comment section, but I didn’t want to hi-jack the post with a mega-comment, so, instead, here it is.

May I invite you into my brain, friend?  It looks a helluva lot like the 144 magazines on the library wall I’m sitting across from at this moment, all on different topics, each with a 100+ pages, plus advertising…and in that chaos, I get overwhelmed in my own head, want to throw everything away and live in an RV and just come visit you and drink a little wine overlooking the great Pacific.  Then Emily, excited, sweet, with the greatest of intentions, comes over to my shit-laden desk where I sit staring, wondering how I didn’t get one friggin’ thing accomplished all day, yet managed to stay busy anyway, and says, “Mom, can we look at organizational websites and draw up a plan of action and spend the whole weekend totally purging and organizing my room?”  And I should be excited about this because my kid wants to down-size and get organized but I’m folding 9 loads of laundry, laced with camouflage and safety orange and glow in the dark pajamas and odd numbered socks and I have 17 books home from the library that contain no pictures because they are for me to gain inspiration on how to live life free of the crazy because I actually don’t care about stuff or things so organizing her room or any room in the house would look more like donating everything to the thrift and, of course, only having “7” of anything…and it’s nearing the dinner hour and my personal Paleo chef decides we’re having GF frozen pizzas and full-on grain nachos with dollops of dairy and leftover buffalo carnage.

And she doesn’t mean anything by it because how could she know all the crazy that goes on in my head and heart on any given day?  And truth be told, her desire to purge, organize, and clean her room is evidence of her listening and letting it soak in all the times I’ve said, “Sweetie, more stuff doesn’t fill the deepest part in our heart we’re trying to fill…it’s just more stuff and eventually it will overwhelm us. Less truly is more.”

But the truth is I am a little kid, totally ego-centric, because I want to purge, organize, and clean up my crazy before I clean up her crazy.  I wanna be first!

And since I was just in the bathroom, I can’t run there, she’s got me cornered at my desk in the kitchen, so I sit on the toilet in my head go there in my head and talk to God, I’m not even 1/2 listening to her but instead breathing deeply, in my own time-out, and I repent for being selfish and ask God for grace in this moment, to let go of the agenda, my to-do list, my crazy, because I can’t play level “30” to escape, and thanks to you, friend, I can’t even eat chocolate or drink a little to escape because we are doing this flippin’ accountability thingy, and it’s good because I know and you know and we all know God truly is the Only One who can fill that deepest part in our heart where everything else around fades in importance and priority and somehow falls into place.

And so I pull her onto my lap, hug her huge with #intention, and tell her, “Peanut, I would totally love to help you with your room!  Let’s get a plan and do it!”

Because spending the weekend with my pre-teen daughter, because she wants me to, is a blessing…I guess it’s all about perspective.


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