Spain was mucho awesome.  (I will share more later…)

I learned many things there and am inspired upon returning home to make some changes, finish some projects, write about some stuff, throw stuff away, and at the same time, I’m overwhelmed at the thought of any of it.

There’s this major crash which happens after a stellar time away from reality.  It’s the collision of re-entry and I’ve hit it hard this time.

I’m not complaining that I had time away, nor am I disappointed about being home, back in my life.

Part of the crash comes when you realize your two weeks of other people preparing you meals has come to a halt.  #sangriaatnoon

Maybe it’s more disenchantment…and not that I don’t siesta on a regular basis or drink sangria for lunch, truly, but more so because ever since Noah died, I’ve been disenchanted with the “American Dream” and get overwhelmed easily when I feel the margins shrinking in on me.

And I’m the only one who can change the margin width of this life document.

So, I’m not sure what this margin expansion will look like, but I know it will involve a lot of purging because my head and heart always feel better with less clutter.  The creative juices were also recharged in Spain, so designing and writing will be major contributors to creating more margin, too.

It was fitting this morning when the pastor shared his thoughts on God as Creator.  As a creative person I am often stifled by feeling boxed in, pigeon-holed, feeling stuck and then either staying in the stuck moment growing stagnant, or lifting my eyes to the One, the Ultimate Creative, and trusting Him to lead me as I live this life with intention, purposefully being creative for His glory, ugly mistakes and all.

Anyway, here are some random thoughts I wrote down today.  I hope they encourage and inspire you, as well:

  • Regarding 40 years in the wilderness, sometimes in order to move into a new season in our lives, something has to die (a dream, behavior, former way of thinking or living…) 
  • For 40 years in the wilderness the manna was new and fresh every morning, trusting God as the Supplier and Source of each day.  This time gathering and eating the daily bread was what gave strength for the day’s journey.
  • Before moving into a new season, take time to celebrate and remember God’s faithfulness and steady love in the former season.  Stop.  Celebrate.  Give thanks.  He doesn’t change but the seasons do.  
  • Restlessness can create change in our hearts.  Be attune to your restlessness and lay it before God for what’s next…
  • “Sometimes we have to say goodbye to a good season in our lives in order to move into a great season,” said the guy who was substitute speaking today.  (Cliche, yet often true…)
God is my Creative Director.  Though His love hasn’t changed in all of time, He is Creative and brings a new day with new beginnings, life outside the box kind of living, stuff we’ve never seen, each and every day, if we seek Him.  
If you’ve measured God by the standards of men all your life, there is no wonder why you continue to be disappointed in Him.
Don’t box Him in and just see what He will do.  

*Do you have a story to share of how you boxed God in and He showed up to show you just how Big He really is?  How do you create margin in your life?  Are you on the edge of a new season in your life?  If so, looking back, how can you show thankfulness, even in difficult times, in order to move forward with a new perspective?


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