So, I’m getting ready to re-launch my non-profit organization, Bevy, so I have been cleaning up some of my accounts.  I had neglected Twitter for several months because, well, frankly, I’m on Facebook more and hadn’t really learned the ins and outs of Twitter…still don’t really know them…

Anyway, yesterday I was updating my Twitter “bio” if you will, and took out the “Radio Show Host” part since I don’t host my own show anymore.  Remember this:

Anyway, then, earlier this afternoon my friend Ginger sent me a text and asked if I wanted to jump in as a guest co-host on her friend’s radio show tomorrow morning.

So, Jenny Dean Schmidt has graciously asked me to co-host her show bright and early on St. Patrick’s Day.  And she didn’t even know I’m a little Scotch-Irish…

We had a chance to speak earlier this afternoon and it was a great time of hearing each others’ stories.  I’m looking forward to meeting her in person tomorrow as we interview two moms who are also both authors.

…And their topics:  Parenting and Food.

Huh….I’m a parent and I love to eat, so this should work out seemingly 🙂

Jenny was so excited because she had spent a little time on this blog and my Closet Eater Blog, so thinks I’ll be a good fit for talking with the moms tomorrow.

We’ll be interviewing Anne Wiggins, co-author of “Parenting from the Heights” and Beth Aldrich, author of “Real Moms Love to Eat.”

So, who’s with me?  Who wants to wake up at the crack of dawn and cheer me on LIVE?  Huh?  Huh?

Just go here tomorrow morning at 8:00 am Mountain Time: and go to the channelmom Radio page and follow the instructions.

And, if you are local, it’ll be on 93.7 FM



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