Okay, good job on the ‘Sixteen Candles’, Molly Ringwald deal. My best friend, Stacey, growing up, we used to watch that movie endlessly. We even had it memorized from the beginning…”Ginny, Mike, Sarah, Sam! Everybody up! We have relatives invading this afternoon!” Looking back, there’s no way my kid’s watching it, but man, it was funny…

Okay, so, here’s contest number two…the first person to join “Noah for Knockers”, and truly stay on the team, not just sign up for the prize and quit, gets dinner on me in NYC.

Right now I have two girls, one from Seattle and another from Arizona, thinking about joining. Oh, and one potential NYer. So, pray about it. If you desire to do this, God will help iron out the details. I know the personal requirement of raising $1800.00 is daunting, but it’s not impossible. I’ve had to raise more than that for missions trips. And, if it’s the distance that is intimidating, you can do a half marathon on Saturday and a half marathon on Sunday. So…so? Bloggers for Boobies!

And as far as my favor from you guys…I want a list of names. I want to pray for men and women and families affected by breast cancer. I want to pray for them, for you, for healing, for hope, for grace, for joy, like Christ had when He endured the cross for the joy set before Him. I want names because I will be walking with thousands of faces, all people with stories, walking for themselves and for others. I desire to have a really long list of people to pray for, so will you please share names with me? Satan can’t keep me from praying! And believe me, when I do my long training walks, I’ve got nothing but time, time, time! And, quite frankly, I am walking for all cancers, in my heart at least, so bring on the names…I’d like to put a big list on my Avon page, and here if I can figure out how, so that continued awareness is raised. It’s not just a list for me, it’s God’s people, all with personal stories, and the people in their lives affected by the disease. I personally hate cancer, and all disease, especially those unknown, but I also have known some amazing people that have lived, and died, through it graciously. I say that because even if death was the result of their disease, they found true life in the midst of it…because even if a cure is found to every disease on earth, we all still must die. So, it’s for the other side of the battle that I walk. For His glory…

Bring on the names…I’ll get it started:

  • Cathrin Osterhus
  • In memory of Ashley’s mom (brain)
  • In memory of Elizabeth’s family, the Munns’ (melanoma)
  • In memory of Paige, childhood cancer
  • In honor of Heidi Jo
  • In honor of Tricia, CF Husband’s wife
  • Marcie, melanoma survivor
  • Kristy, currently fighting, on her last chemo treatment
  • Kim’s friend from college
  • Kim V from Kentucky, survivor, double mastectomy
  • Britta’s mom in MN, 10 year survivor
  • Estreitta in TX, survivor
  • …add name here…



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  1. My mom, Dolores Secrist, is battling Multiple Myeloma. You can read more about the fight at http://www.mmstandsformovingmountains.blogspot.com

    She is 100 days out from her stem cell transplant. She had a bone marrow biopsy and other tests last week to see how well the transplant worked. We should get those results tomorrow morning so we are praying for good reports from the doctor. Remission is great. Healed is better!

  2. In memory of my Aunt Sue and in honor of my Aunt Sarah.

    My Aunt Sue was released from breast cancer in September 2004. My Aunt Sarah is in remission currently.

    Next year I hope to walk in the Breast Cancer 3-day for them.

  3. i had a scare a few years back, but am ok now. i don’t know of any one specifically from breast cancer. however, my father John P. O’Neill Jr. went home October 2003. he had liver cancer. he was 59. i miss him daily, bu ti know that i’ll see him again.

  4. In celebration of my best friend, Christie Devitt, who was diagnosed at age 29 with breast cancer Stage 4 and pregnant with her second child. Christie completed chemo and on June 20th, Laney Grace was born perfect as a gift from God. Christie is now cancer free as of June 26th…yeah God!

    You can check out her amazing faith on carepages.com and visit ChristieDevitt. She is truly an example (just like you) for all of us to follow.

    Thanks for being such an inspiration to me….you have such a gift of writing….

    Praying for you and your family.

    Mistie H.

  5. So I did it! I signed up to ‘Walk For A Cure’ in my home town of Perth Western Australia. I asked my Mum to walk with me and I am going to try and rally my Aunties and cousins too. In Australia the Breast Cancer walks are held on Mothers Day so I wont be walking until May 10th. I wish I could walk with you in New York City Ade! Dinner would have been fun too!

    Anyway if I can add a name to your list. My elderly neighbour’s daughter, Maureen is currently fighting Breast Cancer and is enduring Chemo. I may have to get back to you if you need surnames.

    Thank you for your awesome efforts!

    Carly x

    Anyway if I c

  6. 1. In Memory of my precious brother,
    Jerry Hinds. (Renal Cell Carcinoma).
    Passed away June 22, 2002.
    2. In Memory of my friend, Cindy Gipson. Passed away July 13, 2005.
    (Don’t know the name of her cancer, but was all through her body and brain).
    3. In Honor of my Mother-in-law, Pat Carl (Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma). Currently in Remission.
    4. In Honor of my friend, Cathy Shaffer (Breast Cancer). Currently in Remission.
    5. In Honor of my friend, Marcia Newton (Breast Cancer) Currently in Treatment.
    6. In Honor of Little Jaymun Kaat
    (Leukemia) http://www.jaymun.com

    Thank you. Praying for God to abundantly bless you through this.
    Jackie Carl (Marion, IN)

  7. In memory of my dear Aunt Sue, who died of lung cancer on Halloween, but came to know the love of our Savior through her disease! You can pray for my sweet Uncle George, who survived her. Erika 🙂

  8. In Memory of my grandmother Betty who passed away July 4, 1987, from breast cancer that eventually spread to her bones. She was 53.
    Also, my uncle Fred, grandma’s youngest son, who passed away in June 1986 at age 22 of hodgkins disease lymphoma.
    Also, my granfather Isaac who passed away a couple of years ago from Prostate cancer & lung cancer.

    You are truly missed by me and our entire family.

  9. In Loving Memory of my Great Grandma C.C.H., she passed in 1997 from cancer, it started out as lung, went to breast and eventually throughout her entire body, she was an amazing woman and the strongest person I knew.

    Also my husbands grandparents they both faught long courageous battles with cancer and in the end chose to stop treatments, they passed in 1994 & 2004.

    My sisters friend Kristen she has an inoperable brain tumor, she is currently in treatments to shrink the tumor. Please pray that the treatments work and she can be there to see her beautiful daughter graduate highschool in 12 years :o)

  10. In Loving Memory of Grandma Maralda Hafferman (breast which metastized into bone cancer), Great Aunt Ceona (breast), Uncle Greg Hafferman (carcenoma) – and in honor of my mom Chris Walls (9 year survivor of breast cancer) and my Grandma Edna Walls (many year survivor of Breast).
    Pray for me too as I am at very high risk (Katie (Walls) Wegner – NWC Alum) Also, I did the Breast Cancer 3-Day walk which was 60 miles!! So take heart – I still have functioning feet! 🙂

  11. In Memory of Dolores Roberts, my grandma. She survived breast cancer only to get leukemia a year later. The leukemia is what took her life, but she also had to battle with breast cancer. Thanks for you doing this!

  12. My friend’s name is Heidi Faith, 39, currently fighting breast cancer

    My sister’s friend Van, currently fighting a recurrence of non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma (after 19 years of being cancer-free) He starts chemo next week.

    My Mom Phyllis, breast cancer survivor (two times)

    My grandmother Verna, breast & ovarian cancer survivor, (she’s 94!)

    My aunt Elaine, lost her battle with breast cancer, 20 years ago.

    My dad Richard, died of leukemia 27 years ago.

    My uncle Warren, died of pancreatic cancer 5 years ago.

    Damon’s aunt Carol currently battling breast and lung cancer.

    I really hate this disease!

  13. In memory of my Grandma Edna Hofer who died of colon cancer at age 91 1/2.
    In memory of my Uncle Marlo Voeltz who died of cancer in 2001.
    In memory of my Aunt Arlys Hofer who died of cancer in 1993.
    In memory of Grandpa Richard Johnson who died of bone cancer in 1996.
    In memory of Rebecca Shoup who died of ovarian cancer(at age 16) in 1995.
    In honor of my friend Craig Hilton who has cancer.
    In honor of my friend John Calvin who has bravely fought his leukeimia.
    In honor of my friend and co-worker Marty Davis, who is now cancerfree.
    In honor of my Holly Harkless in her battle with promyelocytic leukemia.(caringbridge.org/hollyharkless)

    Thanks Adrienne for doing this.
    I read your blog and have started my own. La Jena from South Dakota

  14. My mom, survivor for 10yrs. Heidi Kliewer. 🙂 I would love to meet you for dinner in NYC!!!!
    Cindy Kennedy

  15. To honor my friend, Marlyn, who is a lung cancer survivor, and who has been free of breast cancer for a year now! Also, my cousin, Sue, who is a lung cancer survivor and my cousin, Terry, who is clear of throat cancer. Thank You, Jesus!

  16. I am sure there are more, but as of now I can add…

    In memory of my Grandma Mary, who fought lung cancer, but died from skin cancer January 2002.

    In memory of Sharon Caputo who had her home going due to lung cancer at the beginning of this year, 2008.

    Judy Franke, who is struggling now with cancer, what I think is multiple myeloma….and isn’t doing very well at all.

    Linda Collins, had a big battle with ovarian cancer around 17 years ago and she WON!! She has now been battling multiple myeloma since March 2008.

    I look forward to your list so I can pray with you all…..sure wish I could join you in NY, but my class load will not allow it, heck I have no time for any kind of life as it is presently.

  17. I just wanted to update from my previous comment. My mom, who has multiple myeloma, got her test results back and she is not in remission. So the fight continues. And our hope was not in the doctors, nor the stem cell transplant, but our hope is in God and He can still heal.

    Also, I was focused on my mom, I forgot to mention my dad who has prostate cancer.

    Thank you so much.

  18. In honor of breast cancer survivors J. Leary, B. Twyman and J. Kozlowski.

    I memory of my brother, B. Neptin, who fought the most courageous battle in history against Stage 4 Glioblastoma (brain cancer.) Diagnosed in July 2006 and went to Heaven on 8-14-07. He was 52.

    May the Lord bless us and keep us all close to Him in happy times and in sad. I praise Him for His mercy, I glorify Him for His Grace. Thank you Jesus for keeping all of your promises.

    (Love you and miss you Ade. I’n going to try to do NY. Love to Jason, Em and extended family. Thanks for blogging and keeping it real. xo)

  19. I’m officially on the team…so excited!

    I want to further encourage your readers to pray about it and ask for His leading. I’m in Arizona and NYC just doesn’t seem too far to travel for this event with a team headed by Adrienne & her sister, Dana. What an honor and a privilege to walk alongside these women and the thousands of others that weekend in October. It’s going to be a lifelong highlight, I’m sure.

    Go Noah for Knockers!


  20. Hey Adrienne,

    Here are a few names for you…thank you for doing this walk – what a neat thing.

    1. Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma survivor, my mom, Darlene
    2. In memory of my grandma Elsie, who died of Leukemia when I was 8.
    3. In honor of my Aunt Ethel who has Lymphoma.
    4. In memory of Anna, a 3 year old little girl who died of Neuroblastoma this year.

  21. My friend, Kelley M, who will undergo a masectomy this week.

    In memory of my Gram.

    Much love,

  22. Please add my dear friend, Arthanise Wright. She is 38 years old, battling breast cancer for the second time. This time it is in her bones. She has two precious children, ages 10 and 7. She has been going through chemo since September and will continue indefinitely unless God intervenes.
    Her blog address is arthyjournal.blogspot.com.

  23. Please for Anna Kanavel who left behind so many who loved her and barely had a chance to say goodbye. The family member I am spepicifc prayer for healing of her heart from losing her mom at such young age is Monica Allen.
    Thanks so much!!!

  24. The principal of the school I teach at (Lisa) had breast cancer a few years ago but it has gone into lung/liver/brain (but it’s looking good, she’s technically in remission but finishing up chemo.

    A fellow teacher (Tracey) is battling a brain tumor and winning.

    We lost another teacher (Barbara) 2 years ago to breast cancer.

    Also in honor of Elaine, the mother of 4 former students passed away from a
    brain tumor 2 years ago.

    My paternal grandmother, Stella, passed away from lung cancer when I was 12.

    In honor of my friend Susan, a breast cancer survivor.

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