While I was pregnant with Noah, I endured a 2 hour haircut at a beauty school. Erin, the lovely girl who has cut my hair for 5+ years now and did my hair last Saturday, informed me I was aiding in the educational process, so that was nice of me…but I won’t go back. ANYWAY, while I was getting my hair cut I sat next to a young guy (you know, young, youthful, like me…) and his cute little baby boy who slept soundly during the whole event. I eavesdropped on his conversation and heard him sharing his heart for the Lord. His beautiful wife was getting her hair cut diagonally from me but I did not know it was his wife at the time. I kept looking at her thinking she was Sissy Spacek, but decided Sissy wasn’t getting a $12 cut for 2 hours like me. We spoke briefly after the cut about the Lord, I learned that Adam is the worship leader at his church and that their sweet boy, Michael was recently born. We actually did not exchange names, just talked about the Lord and how cool haircuts were because of the opportunity to share your heart with a ‘captive’ audience for one hour.

Fast forward to Noah’s time in the hospital. I received an email from Sara, Adam’s wife, who had received a link to Noah’s blog to pray for a sick boy and she recognized me from our day at the beauty school. We have emailed periodically ever since and they were able to join us in celebrating Noah’s birthday on June 10, 2007. Well, Sara is a fabulously gifted photographer. When she learned of the Locks of Love donation approaching, she emailed me and asked if she could document the event for us. I said ‘YES!’, and that, people is what this link
http://saralazio.com/locksoflove is all about. We met over a haircut…

Tears streaming. I am vaclempt. Talk amongst yourselves.

Thank you, Sara, for following the Lord in your gifting and blessing people’s lives with the gift of pictures. You captured this day beautifully!

P.S. Tomorrow at our church is a mom’s day of prayer. We will be praying not only for ourselves as moms but for our friends, families, neighbors, etc. If you have specific prayer for your own journey as a mom and/or wife, please let me know. I’d love to be specific with God along with you.

Meanwhile, Lord, I pray that as moms our agendas would not prevail but Yours alone in our children’s lives, the very children You have entrusted to us, actually YOUR children. May we be good stewards of their lives, their gifts, their hearts. May we seek Your will for their lives and may we be led by Your Holy Spirit as we take one day at a time training them in the way they should go. Lord, please don’t let us raise just nice christian kids with good manners. Please teach us how to raise men and women of You who will be obedient to Your plan in the earth. Lord, teach us how to teach them to anticipate Your glorious return while living abundantly here on earth. Basically, Lord, You be the mom…


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  1. That was a gorgeous slide show. She captured so many emotions of the day. Beautiful!

    Since you asked for prayer requests, here goes. We actually have family and friends joining us today in a day of fasting and praying. This is for my 26-year-old sister and her husband. They have been trying to conceive for over a year now and since she has PCOS, they’re having a hard time. She had a miscarriage in September and has just been referred to a fertility specialist. We’re praying for answered prayers, or a new direction, and peace, patience, strength, and comfort during this time. Thanks Adrienne!

  2. I thought I left a comment earlier, but it looks like it didn’t post (so forgive me if you see it twice).

    You can pray for my friend Rachel, as she mothers her 10 year old daughter Tabitha. Rachel’s husband and 12 yr old son died in a car accident 6 months ago. She had a hard Christmas. . .I’m praying that she would continue to see Christ’s hand sustaining her daily.

  3. Ade-
    thanks for being such a great friend. Im happy to share in your life- what a fun way to help others- spending the day with all the girls at the salon! Thanks for the beautiful pictures too. It was great to meet Sarah- what a blessing her gift was!
    I know that you are already praying for our husbands too but my specific request is for marraiges. Please pray that God would protect our husbands and help them to focus on Him!

  4. Hey friend, Prayers for quidance and wisdom in the upcoming months and years of raising an almost TWEEN. I pray it continues to grow into a wonderful mother/ daughter relationships with God in The center. Cindy

  5. Ade-
    Great pics.!!! THANKS for sharing a part of yourself with me. I ask that you please pray the Lord grants me guidance, strength and peace of mind this up-coming year. I have known that my now 24 mo. old is on the autism spectrum. (we found out at 15 mo.)My husband and I know we have a tough road ahead of us but are so thankful that we caught his autism early and can intervene at such a young age. The Lord only gives us what we KNOWS we can handle, right????

  6. stunning. all of ya.

    i love the prayer you ended with. it is such a challenge as a parent to remember that our prayers for our kids (as well as for ourselves) MUST line up with the will of the Father. not my will, but Yours be done. we want so badly to take credit for the good we see in our kids, and dismiss the ‘bad’. credit does not belong to us. being stewards of these precious gifts is indeed our responsibilty. AMEN and AMEN.

  7. Does the word “AWESOME” really capture how much I loved the pictures? Well, since that’s all I’m coming up with right now, it will have to do! I watched this at work with tears streaming down my face. Co-workers stopped by to ask what was going on and I was able to witness to them and share your beautiful story. What an inspiration you are to me and countless others. You will never know the impact that you have had on this earth until you are on the other side of heaven. God bless you in all that you do. Keep rocking this world for THE Kingdom! ~ Joni. p.s. what CD is the first song from the slideshow from?

  8. Amazing. I watched from beginning to end, couldn’t tear myself away if I tried. I love the creative ways you honor Noah, and sweet Emily’s smile could light up a room! Beautiful.

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