So, what you do know is that I am pregnant and have been since some time near the end of November.

What you didn’t know was Christmas morning I called my little sister to ask her if she was pregnant, too.

Her test was negative…slacker!

Three days later, her test was positive!

What you didn’t know is that she switched docs and also sees “Mr. Favorite Doctor”!

What you didn’t know is she and I have been coordinating most of our appointments.

What you didn’t know is they are expecting a boy, too!

What you didn’t know is we thought we were close to two weeks apart, with me delivering before her. Now, since our recent ultrasounds, she’s due 3 days after me.

So, needless to say, I am so excited she finally “outed” herself because this pregnancy has been exciting for me, but for more reasons than just ME being pregnant. I obviously never thought I’d be pregnant at 38 years old, but never in a million years did I think I’d be pregnant at the same time as my baby sister!!!

My dad, (whoops, do you do that with your siblings??? call your parents “my mom” or “my dad” instead of “ours” ???) however, a year ago said he had a dream that Dana and I would be pregnant with boys at the same time. I thought my dad was having flashbacks from the 60’s…(kidding dad, kidding!) but, I should have known because my dad’s dreams are usually spot on.

And since we’re finding out coinciding circumstances, I’m really excited about the fact that three of my blogging friends Jody, Jennifer, and Angie are all having babies, too! And…Jody and Jennifer are due in August, too! And, there are several girls at church that are walking the same road, friends from high school, women I went to college with and students from when I worked at NWC and another person in my life that I’m not at liberty to “out” yet, but that one’s a kicker, for sure, too!

Sharing the experience with other women that I love is exciting, but being able to pray for them and their sweet babies as I pray for our own is an honor that only God could bless me with. I am humbled to share this time of my life with other women I love…and with all of you.

P.S. I lost (or hopefully just left them at the docs office) all the pics from our ultrasound. Pregnant brain? Maybe. I also haven’t taken any belly shots, though it is finally growing…so much in fact that a beautiful optical illusion has occurred and now my thighs actually look small compared to my belly circumference. I need to get some pics, though, and once I do, I’ll post.


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  1. So happy and exciting! 🙂 I know SO many ladies who are pregnant right now! Some had been trying for a very very long time and I was so happy to see it happen for them. It’s a world full of blessings right now! I keep crying with joy as I hear of more and more babies growing inside. 🙂

  2. How exciting! My daughter is due around the same time as Angie in June. Our first grandchild – a girl. It’s raining babies nowadays and I love it.

  3. I am soooo excited for you and your family Adrienne! I have a grin from ear to ear! Just hopped on to catch up on some reading…and was so excited to hear ALL of your news. Look forward to seeing you sometime soon.xo

  4. That is awesome! I can’t imagine being preggers at the same time as my sister – how fun for the two of you. When you do your pictures, you should do some with her!

  5. That is amazing about your dad’s dream. I remember back in high school talking with you and Ashley had gotten in a car accident (I think your nephew was in the car at the time too) and not knowing this, you dad awoke from sleeping because he had a strong urge that he needed to pray about something, at the same time as the accident…or something to that effect. That story has always stuck with me!

  6. I was pregnant with my sister once too! Only she was embarrassed and didn’t want to tell me, because it was my first pregnancy and her sixth. I thought it was great though. Took some of the pressure off of me. HAHA. Anyway, soooo happy for you.

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