Who is Invited to the Table?

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A year ago when we sold our house and stuff and embarked on this journey as The Graveswolds, God put two words on my heart: GATHER and TABLE. I said, “Really, Lord!? You are teaching us about hospitality, but we don’t even have a house OR A TABLE?!” And He said, “You don’t need those […]


Ways to Survive the Cold this Winter

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It’s not me…it’s you, actually. No. Really. It’s you, and we just can’t be friends…at least not until next spring. As awesome as I know you probably are, lingering to talk in the parking lot at school or work or church or the gym or wherever, lingering to talk outdoors just isn’t going to happen…at least […]


Today I Woke Up Lonely

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It’s not that I woke up feeling alone…it’s that I had a feeling of extreme loneliness. How can this be when I am married to my best friend, usually accompanied by a small child, and have a teenaged daughter who actually chooses hanging out with me once in a while over friends? How can this […]


Get Your Party Started

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On October 11, 2014, my Dad, sisters and I threw a party we should have thrown years prior, but under different circumstances. Life gets busy. We have jobs and spouses and kids and appointments and things to do and budgets and we get tired and the thought of traveling with niños in tow is less […]