On Death and Living: A Series, Part 2

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Two things about death that, I believe conjures, festers, fosters, and instigates fear, are the HOW and WHEN…sometimes to the extent of paralysis when it comes to LIVING. If we have a foundational understanding that every single person on this earth is born and dies, then the question of WHO is already established: Everyone…WE will all die… […]


Five Minute Friday: Glue

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Today’s writing prompt is GLUE. GO: Yesterday Ryan glued a piece of art together at preschool but when I picked him up it was still a bit wet because they used regular glue rather than glue sticks. The teacher placed his artwork onto another piece of paper so we could carefully transport it to the […]


What If…God’s not a Hater?

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In junior high I took part in a peaceful protest walk against abortion. As we walked quietly through the streets of downtown Phoenix, we prayed, strangers gathered with similar passion. Some people held signs with pictures of aborted babies, others with words or messages. I was young, and my eyes were affected by the sting […]