I was talking to Em’s teacher today while I was volunteering in her classroom. She was so sweet and enthusiastic about the upcoming radio show, wanted to know the content, the details, etc. I told her it is called ” “The Well”, you know, a show about digging deeper in life for perspective. We’ll talk about the hard stuff but not so we all end up like sobbing heaps on the floor but in order to encourage others that no matter what comes our way in this life, we can overcome it with God’s perspective.”

Mrs.: Have you always wanted a radio show?

Me: No, I never thought I’d be walking this road!

Mrs.: So, how did you happen upon it?

Me: Well, through writing about our journey with Noah on the blog my eyes have been opened to how each of us has a story to tell and that in sharing them, no matter how easy or difficult at times, we can find healing by doing so. And, I have found that even if we don’t understand God, are disappointed with Him at times, or don’t believe He’s good, He’s still part of the equation to be wrestled with.

Mrs.: That is so exciting and really important! About 30 years ago our neighbors lost their little 3 year old boy. They turned inward, so devastated, blamed God, stopped going to church, and you could see the anger eat them up. It was so sad! The dad finally died of a horrible cancer.

Me: That is why I think it’s important to talk about it, even if it’s uncomfortable! I know from our experience with Noah that God works differently than I would but I trust that He knows what He’s doing and that He loves us even though we suffer.

So, just this morning, another confirmation to my heart that when we try to walk this journey of life alone we will end up more empty than we started. I am excited to launch “The Well” next Thursday, and every Thursday, at 12pm MST on www.castlerockradio.com. Here’s our page link: http://www.castlerockradio.com/pages/page.asp?page_id=71928

Prayers welcome and needed:)



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  1. I love it!! I argued and fought with God about a post I knew He wanted me to write about some of my own struggles. The reality is that when we Dig Deeper and cling to Him when life is tough, He will always give us a reason to praise Him. Maybe not in the way we anticipated…..but He is always at work in our lives.

    I have been reading your blog from the very beginning and it is so exciting to see where God has brought you through Noah’s life.

  2. You can count on me to pray for you and what God will do through the Well. I’m with you on not understanding the reasons we suffer. I happen to like the way Joni Erickson Tada puts it (I’m quoting her loosely here from memory) as she pictures us in Heaven. We will cast our crowns at Jesus’ feet when we get there and some of those “crowns” will be our suffering. Yours will be the heartache and grief you carry through the loss of Noah and your other children you’ve never met. Among other suffering. Then she talks about how silly it would be to stand there with “nothing”… you know, like, “well, there was this time I endured the most insipid mustard yellow paint on my dining room walls”… or “I had a terrible time with my gall bladder and then that was removed”.
    You see?! Our suffering will be something of “worth” in the end. It’s just hard to see it that way when we walk through life here on earth. But there’s no mistaking that God WILL receive the glory through the hardships when we are willing to give them to Him. Sadly, many succomb to the despair and hopelessness that satan is happy to put in our way as we question and wonder why. I thank God over and over for picking me up and filling my heart- not with the need for answers- but for giving me comfort and the Hope of Heaven. I’m in it for the long-haul and I’m so glad that you are too! One day we’ll see clearly! Until then, you know I’m praying often and for you to see glimpses of what God is doing through you. All my best…xoxo.

  3. I recently (Friday night) found your blog from a link on another blog. Something about the words “Crowned in Peace” made me eager to just click on it! I just now finished reading from the very beginning to this most recent post. I’m not so great with words, but I’m going to try to be right now. I have rarely been so touched by anyone or anything as I have been by Noah. And your words. They speak to me on so many levels. Your faith in God is so awe inspiring to me. I will never view any loss in the same way again. I am so very thankful that I found your blog, and I feel like it happened for a reason. You make me want to be a better Christian and a better mommy. And Noah makes me want to be a better person. I will pray for you, your family, and all of your new endeavors.

  4. Imagine how proud Noah is of you—in Heaven he’s not a speechless baby, but an angel who knows enough to say “That’s MY mommy and I helped her to do all of this!”

    Quite a legacy that little boy has had, if you think about it. He’s been responsible for so much good coming out of his short life.

    Thanks for giving us your mommy, brave Noah!

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