For the most part, have you ever noticed that when people go on shooting sprees they have agendas, even when they then decide to take their own life? They may never leave a note, but I’d say hatred is a pretty evident cause.

My heart has been extremely heavy all day in regards to the two separate shootings that took place here in CO. It’s all very close to home, and I’m not talking proximity only. We have been supporters of many a YWAMer over the last 14 years. We have had family and friends go through their training and share in their outreach all over the world. We love their ministry and love what God is doing because of their obedience. My sweet friend goes to that bases’ worship service sometimes. As far as New Life goes, we have old friends that we love very much on staff there. We went to college with many of the staffers there. We’ve prayed for them during their pastoral change of guard and will continue to pray for them during this tragedy. This was just days after I learned that my friend and her two little ones had left the Omaha mall 30 minutes prior to the other maniac’s shooting spree. She’s moving within miles of New Life church in a few weeks…

Jason and Em and I were praying a lot for the different situations today…that the shooters would be brought to justice (only one is still living and on the loose, I believe), that God would convict their hearts (and if they have friends who knew of their intentions, that they would turn them in…), that healing and comfort would come to all the families, friends, and colleagues involved in each scenario, and that especially for the staff and students of YWAM, worldwide, that their hearts would be strengthened to share the gospel all the more, despite the devil’s attempts to discourage.

I think the devil is nervous about something…call me crazy (it’s okay, you wouldn’t be the first) but it doesn’t seem like the devil goes on shooting sprees within ‘Christendom’ in churches or other para-church organizations that don’t really have firm foundations. The pastor that preaches nice fluffy sermons that stroke egos, lack Truth and don’t convict their hearers of sin and righteousness should feel relieved if they never have any sort of trouble within the walls of their congregations. I’m not saying that if you don’t have problems, your church is dead to the Truth, but an old pastor of mine used to say if he were demon possessed, he’d go to a church where they didn’t believe in demons and where they certainly didn’t cast them out…Let’s face it, Jesus has always ticked people off.

When horrible things like this happen, as strange as this may sound, (perhaps it’s because I am a middle kid, a peace maker, an optimist) knowing the fruit of the lives of the people I know in both YWAM and New Life, I can’t help but think that their love for God and pursuit of His will really pisses the devil off in a big way. Sorry for the french but really, the ones I know are not fluffy Christians that just claim the name for fire insurance purposes…

No, I can assure you it does not make the grief any easier! I pray for the peace of God to comfort the hearts of all those left to grieve their loved ones and live with an ever-present hole in their hearts. I pray for hope to replace despair. I pray for people to surround them in prayer and in tangible ways. I also pray that just like people still live in New York City, Londoners still ride buses, and students still attend Columbine High School, (and countless other scenarios) that people of all ages will sign up all the more for YWAM bases at any of their 1,100 bases and that people wouldn’t be afraid to go to church. One thing many Americans do well is live in fear, crippled by worse case scenarios. What if? Bad things happen. What if you know that but trust God regardless? 100% guarantee: What satan intends for evil, God WILL turn around for His glory! Take that, you sick twisted devil.



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  1. it’s been a struggle to come up with some sort of explanation for my seven year old who hears about these things and wants to understand it.

    EVIL. SIN. SATAN. that’s the only explanation…but without leaving images in his head and many sleepless nights in the future, it’s sometimes very difficult to choose words that make it obvious what the reason is, and then focus on the prayer for the hurting left behind and for any contemplating this in the future.

    the devil always has an agenda, don’t you think. he strikes at vulnerable and crucial times in hopes of diminishing Christ and the faith of his followers. praise the Lord that his work is for naught.

  2. Call me crazy too. 🙂 I agree with your theory on the devil and churches. I am praying for both situtations. I am glad to hear you and your family are safe. I pray your friend are as well.

  3. I don’t think you are crazy Adrienne, I think you are right. THe devil is nervous because now more than ever, people are building their faith and it makes him nervous. Look at the little kids. When I was little we just went to Sunday School and called it good. Now we have 5 year olds laying their lives down for God and preaching it to their friends. We have kids digging into the scripture and testifying to their friends. We have youth groups that hang out together more than the Wed. night gatherings and holding each other accountable for their actions. We have marriages being built stronger by attending counseling camps not because our marriage is in trouble but because we want to avoid getting down that road. It ticks the devil off because the more and more he tries, people are turning to the churches for help, not the bars or casinos. My heart has been heavy with these recent shootings. I first worried about CHad and Christine. Do they still work with YWAM? Sad, they are family and I’m not even sure what they are up to anymore. I too pray for these families and also the families of the shooters. *Sorry for the long comment today!!!!*

  4. I am praying for the families. It is true. Satan is going on the attack.

    If anyone could pray for my nephew Dameron, I would greatly appreciate it. He has been in Texas Childrens Hospital for several days now and they do not know what is wrong with him. He is sixth months old and is down to less than 10 lbs.

  5. early on in my walk with Jesus, my sister told me that “if satan isn’t after you then you need to be worried, ’cause he doesn’t mess with someone that isn’t actively working for Jesus.” I have seen that true so many times….satan isn’t concerned about the pew warmers as much as he is the Jesus nuts!

    I have been praying since I heard and am very happy to hear that the three of you are safe and sound.

  6. Yes, I agree satan is pissed off and is out to steal, kill, and destroy many right now.

    I know of soooo many who have a heart that is aching this Christmas Season. And to hear of these events so close to home…….

    Their is such a sadness that is surrounding so many. I have gotten so many prayer requests for those that have or are lossing something. PRAISE JESUS that the real gift of this Season is something we can not lose if we do choose to accept it.

    Praying with you and for soooo much more.

  7. Thank you for sharing your heart on this whole situation. I read about it on the internet yesterday morning before church, and had to tell the folks at my church. Most of the believers in my small town, and a large percentage of the staff and members at my church are affiliated with YWAM. It makes me wonder what God will do to bring beauty and goodness out of this sick situation. But, after hearing countless stories of what He’s done with other YWAMers, I know He’s not about to stop now.

  8. “Bad things happen. What if you know that but trust God regardless? 100% guarantee: What satan intends for evil, God WILL turn around for His glory! Take that, you sick twisted devil.”

    Amen to that! My heart and prayers go out to everyone who was affected by these senseless shootings over the past week or so… I’ll never understand why people do such things… but I am so grateful to God for always shining through the darkness of such tragedies/crimes. My aunt goes to New Life Church had had missed the shooter by only 10 minutes… I am grateful that she is okay and was spared the trauma of being there when the shootings occurred. I will continue to pray for the victim’s families, those who are injured, and those who were completely traumatized by it. God truly shows up in the midst of such despair… and I pray that everyone affected will feel His presence strongly and cling to Him.

    I’ve witnessed first-hand how God takes what satan intends for harm and turns it into His Glory. One of my dearest childhood friends and his beautiful fiance (Jason Allen and Lindsay Cutshall) were murdered on a beach in California about 3 1/2 years ago. They were very devoted Christians working at a Christian Adventure Camp in the summer of 2004. They decided to take a road trip the last weekend they were in California together (before their wedding a couple of weeks later) and they chose to camp out under the stars in their individual sleeping bags on a remote and beautiful beach. Sometime during that night (between August 14 and 15), someone snuck up on them and shot them both once in the head with a rifle and killed them. There was no known motive and the case is still unsolved.

    Their deaths really hit us all extremely hard because it was all so random and horrific. But by God’s grace, He was ultimately glorified through their deaths because of the lives that they led. They were very devoted and authentic followers of Christ and they lived in obedience to Him. Their story was told and retold and reached countless people through news and media outlets and through youth rallies and speaking events where Jason & Lindsay’s parents were blessed with the opportunity to tell their story. And because of it… God has been truly glorified and many people have come to know the Lord. Hallelujah! It is a great comfort to know that they did not die in vain. They would be very pleased and truly humbled to know that their story ultimately glorified God and brought new people into His Kingdom. What a priceless gift!

  9. Ade,
    Your words are strikingly similar to my own thoughts! This tragedy struck really close to home for many reasons. I didn’t know any of the victims but have connections in many other ways. My heart is still heavy with the grief of it all, but what you said is true. The enemy definitely strikes where things are happening. Knowing YWAM and knowing New Life, this will most likely only serve to strengthen and drive people back to Jesus. So much for the devil’s strategies!

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