Em: Mom, I’m not very comfortable here.

Me: Okay, sweetie, we’re almost home and then you can get out of your car seat.

Em: No, mom, I’m not comfortable on Earth.

Me: Oh. (Of course that’s what I thought you meant!)

Me: That’s actually good that you feel that way. Do you know why?

Em: Why?

Me: Well, the Bible says we are aliens and strangers in this world. Not aliens like you may have heard boys talk about from movies with green faces and 3 eyeballs, but more like if you moved to a country where everyone looked differently than you and you couldn’t understand the language or talk to anyone. God didn’t make us to live on Earth like we do. He made us to live with Him in the Garden of Eden where we could go on adventures with Him and enjoy hanging out with Him. We were made for His physical presence, so living here on Earth without being able to see God and walk with Him like Adam and Eve did should feel uncomfortable. Their pride was tempted in the Garden by the devil, though, and their choice affected all the rest of the people on Earth. If we get too comfortable here, then we won’t be excited about being with God, like we are supposed to be.

Em: I’m excited to be with God!

Me: Me too! Is that what you meant by ‘not being comfortable’?

Em: Yep.

*In response to the judgmental comment left regarding the above post, I’ll let you all in on another conversation I had with Em today as a result of it…

Me: You know the other day when you said you weren’t comfortable here? What did you mean by that? (As if I had to ask since I knew exactly what she meant…she’s my kid!)

Em: I meant that I think Heaven will be fun.

Me: What about Earth? Do you like life here?

Em: Well yeah, I have lots of fun here and friends, but I just know Heaven is going to be way more fun.

Me: That’s what I thought you meant…You know Em, you are very smart. You are a lot smarter than a lot of grown ups.

Em: Why?

Me: Because you listen to the Holy Spirit…let’s go play with your playdough…



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  1. WOW!!! She is quite the little girl. I can’t believe some of the things she talks about for being so young. Good for her! I can’t wait to be in heaven either Em!!!

  2. Em is speaking like a Kingdom-minded person. Jesus came and preached the “Good News of the Kingdom of Heaven”….He told His disciples to ask the Father to send the Kingdom to earth as it is in Heaven. That is what God is going to do in this next move of God….it is not just another revival…and it is bigger than the Reformation…..it is the Kingdom of God coming in and through the people of God who have given their bodies to Him as a living sacrifice (which is their true act of spiritual service), and they are the worshippers that Jesus prophesied about to the woman at the well….”the time is coming, and has now come, when true worshippers will worship(serve) the Father in Spirit and in truth, for the Father seeks such to worship Him.” They are the people who are being led by the Spirit of God (the sons of God)….and they hear the voice of their King, Jesus, taking their orders from Him, as the Holy Spirit takes from what is His and makes it known to them. Praise God that Emily knows that the Kingdom of God is real!

  3. Regarding the above anonymous comment …

    Maybe you should keep your “grown up” comments to yourself as well. How dare you pass judgement on Adrienne when you have no idea what she and her family have gone through. Have some compassion and insight that maybe their path is different from yours. Many of us probably find YOUR comments to be sad.

  4. You provide a great model of parenting…of making Kingdom realities a part of every day life. I respect that and hope to be able to do that myself as my little guy gets bigger and we can have chats like this one…good stuff!

  5. I missed the “controversial” post..but I am glad. I just want to let you know Adrienne, that you are a wonderful mother and are raising such an intelligent, insightful, thoughtful child.

  6. I love those great teaching moments, you are always there for your daughter. You should be applauded!!! Way to go girl! Em has a sweet spirit and is very smart! Keep up your good work.

  7. I think your Em is a really incredible little girl! It really warms my heart that she has such an understanding about Jesus and about Heaven. What a gift, really…may we all have faith like Emily. And Adrienne, may we all be such a good example for our children and others as you are for your sweet girl and all of us. Thanks for your bold faith. I respect you deeply. My prayers for you and your family continue! Much love to you all…

  8. I am constantly amazed at how profound and insightful children can be. They frequently state some of my deepest thoughts on such an clear and candid level. Great job on explaining this to her – I loved the post.

  9. I LOVE IT! Heaven and Playdough! The whole concept that your young child knows and UNDERSTANDS Jesus and His plan for us as well as she knows how to play with playdough is amazing to me.
    I have been reading your blog for almost a year now and have never commented…after reading today I thought to myself “this is awesome” and found that I was praying for faith like Em’s! Thank you for sharing your life with us. – Ali

  10. Hi! I have recently found your blog and have caught up reading Noah’s story. THANK YOU for sharing your journey with those of us you don’t even know – I have been so blessed by it….also convicted and challenged about my perspective on life on this earth as well as life to come in heaven. This summer, God has been bombarding me with the concept of surrender, showing me what He asks of us: complete willingness to give up everything we love for His sake. It’s been tough, for sure. Surrender is yucky stuff to deal with. But your testimony has encouraged me to stay on the path of daily “dying” to Christ so that I can really live. It means so much to me right now to see someone not just saying it but LIVING IT OUT. You have done just that. Many thanks for your vulnerability and boldness in sharing.

  11. LOVE THESE CONVERSATIONS! Em is a little older than my Seth and hearing about how your convesations continue on and that she is understanding more and more about the Lord gives me hope that these little preschool conversations about God in MY HOUSE are really going to sink in and build his faith.

    Thank you for sharing!!!!

    Heidi Jo W

  12. Hi! I found your blog this morning because it was suggested by my Blog Reader as one I might like. Well it was right. I have read every single post all the way from the beginning to Aug 27, 2007 off and on today. Now I am making myself take a break but I’m only a year behind and I’ll be caught up soon.

    I want you to know how much I admire your strength and passion for serving the Lord. I know that God’s hand was on every second of Noah’s life and that he blessed so many people without ever saying a word.

    I am going to be the Director for a spiritual retreat for college girls in January and I have been looking for a clergy to be the Spiritual Director. I had asked a pastor in my area and she had been considering it. I emailed her again today to follow-up and she asked me some specific questions about my faith and my call and I honestly feel that having read your testimony and honesty all day is what allowed me to completely share my story with her. This evening she accepted the position and I know God is going to work in amazing ways for the college girls.

    Your family is in my prayers and I ask that God will continue to strengthen you and give you peace in every single day that you live life on this earth without Noah.

    God Bless You!

    Cortney in Austin, TX

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