Well, Em and I were headed to NY LaGuardia this morning out of DIA to meet up with Jason. From there, we’d go on to RI to see my older sister and her family for the week while Jason worked in MA and CT. Unfortunately, we missed our 10:45 am flight…I pushed it a little close and had we not stood in a line for security for 45 minutes, we would have made it with flying colors! We checked in on time because our suitcase went on without us. The lady at the gate did not take pity on the single mom and daughter running through the airport, sweating profusely with a rolling carry-on in tow, arriving at the gate just as the doors closed…I said, “Can we get on the flight?” She said simply, “The door is closed.” Em and I sat down on a nearby bench and breathed for a while. Em stated the obvious, “Daddy’s going to be sooooo disappointed”. “Mom, what are you doing?” “Just trying to breathe, kid, just trying to breathe…”

Well, there was another flight at 3:10, but it was overbooked…and then, of course, there’s the convenient red-eye with a 5 year old at 12:30 am, “with plenty of seats if you’d like to confirm…”, arriving at 6:30 am NY time! Oh yeah! Sign me up! I’ll take a dozen! I totally want to spend 12+ hours in the airport with my peanut, who is a good traveler, but let’s not push it…So, anyway, after securing the 1 and 2 spot on the stand by list for the 3:10, Em and I had a leisurely lunch of ‘cheesy-dillas’ and watched two girls hula hoop for a half hour on the mezzanine. We also went back to customer service and shelled out the extra $50 to confirm ourselves on the 3:10 because, magically, 3 seats ‘appeared’, two side by side. We’ll be arriving in NYC at 9pm instead of 4 something, but, if you don’t go with the flow, you don’t GO!

I really want to take a cab out to the Hamptons just to give Mrs. Kool a hug…looking at maps of the east coast, it all looks so close…BUT, I’m thinking my husband will put a kibosh on that idea since I’m the weasel who missed my flight and made him wait FIVE hours for us, and that’s with major jetlag from England…(Sweetheart, I really do love you and am very sorry we missed our flight…I take full responsibility.)

Either way, it’s been a good day, minus the breathing episode. Em and I have had fun thinking of today as our great adventure. She knows liquids in larger containers than 3 oz. aren’t allowed on the planes, but just to make sure all other things ARE allowed, she runs them by me…”Mom, can I take paper and crayons on the plane? Paper doesn’t hurt anyone, unless of course you get a paper cut…do they allow popcorn…how about my gum, mom?’ She strikes up conversations with strangers and makes the most of every opportunity. When life gives you lemons, make lemonade! Right?!



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  1. Girl, I have been there. In May when me and Savannah were flying back from GA. We almost didn’t make our flight and we allowed almost 2 hours to checkin, etc. I could not believe how long security took. But we made it, but I do not about the breathing thing! She really enjoyed flying for the first time. And I love the picture of the view from the plane. There were alot of clouds the day we flew and we took lots of pics. Savannah kept saying the clouds looked like cotton candy. Have a great time and visit with your family.

  2. Oh Friend- I am sorry about your delay at the airport! When we were waiting for the rest of the crew to join us at DIA after our flight changes, I let OLE breakdance on the slick floors for an hour! He looked like a flopping fish and we got a lot of looks- but he was happy! Rach

  3. OHHHHH NOOOOOO!! You should have told me! Jason could have come stayed here while waiting for you and Em to arrive. I’d have come picked you up (it’s two hours to the airport).

    There ain’t nothing like a little visit to the Hamptons!! And you could have taken the ferry over to CT. How about on the way home?? That’s it. I’m emailing you.

  4. i love the line, “just trying to breathe, kid, just trying to breathe…”

    i don’t think that is only about running through an airport. i think it’s a theme with life in general. there are those times when we all feel like all that we can do is just breathe.

    i loved this post for some reason. maybe just the randomness, or daily life aspect…but as usual i love hearing life lived through your eyes.

  5. So sorry for your missed flight. Glad you were able to get one before the ‘red eye’.
    Hope you are all together, again, as a family.
    Your Em…sounds like such a “crack-up”. She is adorable !

    Jackie Carl

  6. BY THE WAY – LOOKS LIKE WE’LL BE MOVING NEAR THE HAMPTOMS (Langley afb) in mid September. 🙂 Too bad we couldn’t connect with you there. 🙂

  7. You don’t know me but I ran into your video on you tube, I also live in CO.

    I don’t know if you’ve ever heard this song before, but it fits your situation perfectly.

    Hello, Good-bye
    Lyrics by MICHAEL W. SMITH

    Where’s the navigator of your destiny

    Where is the dealer of this hand

    Who can explain

    Life and its brevity

    ‘Cause there is nothing here

    That I can understand

    You and I

    Have barely met

    And I just don’t want to let go of you yet


    Noah, hello, good-bye

    I’ll see you on the other side

    Noah, sweet child of mine

    I’ll see you on the other side

    And so I hold your tiny hand in mine

    For the hardest thing I’ve ever had to face

    Heaven calls for you

    Before it calls for me

    When you get there save me a place

    A place where I can share your smile

    And I can hold you for more than just awhile

  8. I, too, just watched the video of Noah’s life again. I was reminded of the goodness of God and how because of Noah’s life and your blog I was brought together with many wonderful new friends who have enriched my life over and over. Noah will be remembered forever in the lives of so many who never met him and will only get to thank him one day in heaven. Today I stop to say thank you for sharing your life with us.

  9. Mandie – wow, that song is beautiful. I’m glad you shared it with them.

    Heidi Jo – I agree with you. I feel like I’m having a “just trying to breathe” marathon right now. There’s so much going on.

    Adrienne – as always, thinking of you and your family. I hope you all are enjoying your time together!

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