This one was my favorite thus far. The sun was a gigantic orange ball and the sky had gorgeous purple and orange layers lined with silver and gold. Nice work, Lord!
We went to see ‘Evan Almighty’ the other night. I enjoyed it and must say we’ll end up buying it since I’m a sucker for all things ‘Noah’, now. Anyway, there was a scene where God was sitting out front of Steve Carell’s house and Steve asks, “Do I know you?” God (Morgan Freeman) says, “Not as well as I’d like you to…”
Great line, and one I’m sure God, not Morgan Freeman, but the Real One, aka Creator of the Universe, utters on a second by second basis around the world to all His creation.
God: Hey, want to get to know each other?
Human: Well, I’m kind of busy and things are good right now, so, I’ll call You if I need or want anything…
God: Well, it’s not like I’m asking because I don’t know you, it’s that you don’t know Me the way I desire to be known…
Human: Well, since that entails knowing You outside the little box of where I like to keep You, let’s just keep it on the surface. Really getting to know You freaks me out too much.
God: Maybe because you have preconceived ideas or you’ve believed lies and rumors that aren’t true. Why don’t you get to know Me for Who I AM and I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised…
Human: We’ll see how well you fit into my agenda.
God: I’ll be waiting.



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  1. I heard on the news yesterday that there are over 400 wild fires west of the Mississippi… I am praying for your families safety as you are traveling this month!

  2. Well put my friend. Unfortunately for me, I chose to see Knocked Up this weekend and was cringing at the raunchiness of it.
    Today I was talking with my boss about my current situation and we got on the topic of faith. He is a Christian but said that because of his international travel, he believes there is more than one way to get to God. I was dumb struck. He talked about the favorable parts of many other religions and says he believes they are all valid ways to get to God, he just happens choose Jesus Christ and I’m sitting there wondering what I can possibly say that 1)won’t offend him and 2)won’t deny Christ. So I said, “You know, the thing that sets Christianity apart from all other world religions is grace.” He was silent for a moment and then said, “Hmmm, I never thought about that. That’s a good point.” Phew! Thanks for giving me the right words, God!

  3. I am sorry Erin, but I have to say that I take offense to your last comment I am a jew and I believe that I include grace into my daily life. Be sure to think a little about others feelings because I am sure many other faiths read Adrienne’s blog for inspiration.

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