Today we are leaving for South Dakota for the month. Last year at this time the four of us hopped in the car and caravanned with some friends up through the Black Hills and then east to the town where Jason’s mom lives. We try to go every 4th of July because it’s a gorgeous time of year to enjoy the sunsets over the lake, but also because we love our family and friends there.

Jason works from home, so last year as we drove back from our week there, we both said, “Let’s take the kids to South Dakota for a month next summer…”

The other day I woke up with memories of last year’s drive flashing through my mind…driving through Wyoming and the Black Hills with Noah and Emily in tow, stopping every 3 hours to feed Noah and change his buns, let Em stretch, ‘water’ our friend’s puppies that were all nestled in the back of their car…

This year, we’re headed east through Omaha to see friends and then north to SD…the memories were too fresh in my heart and mind, for some reason, to drive the other way…I’ve been working through a lot of anger in missing Noah, so seeing familiar land marks that remind me of him throughout our drive will only cause me to drive too fast or have road rage…

Anyway, we’re looking forward to making new memories, while at the same time remembering…



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  1. Adrienne,
    I lost my fourth child to miscarriage close to the time we went to Disney World with my husband’s family. We have tossed the idea of going back several times in the 6 years since then. I just don’t have the heart for it. However, this summer, we are going to Disney Land in California. Similar, but I can handle that one. It seems different to me somehow. I can understand some of how you feel about this trip, although not to the extent I am sure! I have prayed over you and your family this morning, that God’s peace would abide in you as you travel and that new memories would give you a hope for the future that is more powerful than anger or sadness. I love you, my sister in Christ. You are prayed for in KY.

  2. Praying for you! Safe travels!!!! Enjoy your time w/ friends and family!!! Lifting you up in Michigan!

  3. Adrienne
    Praying for your safe travel and for a little peace along the way. We are headed to Seattle today so we will be traveling with you! 🙂

    Be safe,


  4. Praying for ya’ll to have a safe and fun filled trip. I know what you mean about things reminding you. I pray that these reminders will bring you peace.
    I would get upset when I saw a certain building in Houston where my baby died. I use to drive by that building every day on the way to work. It definitely made me work through it.
    Noah accomplished so much in his time here. He changed so many lives. Thank you for sharing him with us.


  5. Praying for your trip and can’t wait to see you here in SD!!
    I love seeing the pictures of Noah. Every time one pops up I feel an ache for your loss. His life meant so much to so many people.
    What fun he must be having in Heaven! We all feel so blessed to have been able to share his short journey here on earth and can’t wait to love on him in Heaven for eternity!
    Safe travels!

  6. I pray for a safe, relaxing trip for you and your family. It must be very hard with all of those memories trailing along with you but you will make new memories with your family this year.

    Instead of Noah riding in his seat, he will be looking down on you. Enjoying every moment of your trip with full conciseness and no pain.

    Please wear your seat belts. I hope you will be able to update us on your trip while you are gone but if not I will be thinking of you all and will be ready to hear about it all when you return.


  7. You know I will think of you and Jason and Em. It is a journey. I am on my road now coming up on 6 years. This month is always particularly tough for me…I know what you speak of when you mention your emotions- the sadness and the anger. I can get grumpy and lose my cool so much easier- all because it’s July…and my heart remembers. Our last family picnic at Mackinaw on the 4th…our summer vacation with all our family and friends back in MN….that perfect sunny day when we drove out to a smalll restaurant which would turn out to be Teagan’s last meal on earth. My tears fall more freely, and the memories are heightened. For no other reason except that it’s July.
    I totally understand, Adirenne. And you can count on me to pray. May God carry you when needed, walk beside you when you’re ready, and rejoice with you as your discover a tiny bit more of His plans every step of the way.
    Sweetly~ Jody

  8. Hey, I have never written on here before but have read your story. I just got excited reading your last blog because I live only 2 hours from Omaha. If you head up north that is going right towards where I live. If you recognize any of these towns that someone from there has read about you & is thinking of you on this journey in life.

    Sioux City, Le Mars, Orange City, Sioux Center, Sioux Falls, Worthington, & all those little towns in between. I am actually from Orange City but grew up in Sioux Center. I don’t know if you will be hitting any of those towns or not but just thought I would share!

    Take Care & God Bless you!

    Becky Hiemstra
    Orange City, IA

  9. I just had to let you know of the cool way God just laid you and your family on my heart today…

    I was grocery shopping (looking for Oreos!) and heard “Beautiful Day” playing in the store…How could I not think of you guys! So, for the past hour I’ve been lifting you all up in prayer…asking God to fill your lives with hope…great hope and peace and everything else that you need…
    Jody C

  10. don’t know if i’ll see you while you’re in my neck of the woods or not, but i will certainly be thinking of and praying for beautiful memories to be created on this trip as well.

    God bless you!

  11. For all those who read this blog and these comments, please lift up my friend Lauren in prayer. She is 24 years old and is currently in the hospital in an induced coma while she awaits both kidney and liver transplants. She needs God’s healing…so much on the inside and, of course, in her body.

    Also pray for family and friends who have been deeply impacted by this.

    Thanks so much!
    Chris Krebsbach

  12. Hello
    Haven’t wrote since about 3 months.
    I miss writing to you. I hope your having a good time without Noah.
    Mirim Yoon
    Miss Morton’s student

  13. I want to take a minute to say “Thank You” to all you who have also lost a child and are sharing your experience and your emotion. To stand on the ‘outside’ and only be able to imagine the depth of emotions that she and Jason must feel – I see you all who stand on the ‘inside’ and share this grief and I’m so appreciative that you do. Even though everyones experience and journey is unique, for them to know that they are not alone and that there are people who really do know what they are feeling and that it’s okay. For that I thank each and every one of you.

    God bless all of you who share, all of you who are traveling this summer (us included!) and all of you who pray continually.


    Jody – we vacation to MI twice a year to see my inlaws. They live in Onaway, just outside of Cheboygan and we go to Mackinaw each time. It’s a beautiful place to have a beautiful memory. If/when you go back again, I hope you are filled with nothing but peace and love.

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