Oh, the irony!

So, during Bible study on Thursday morning, I turned my phone off, obviously. We shared prayer requests at the end of our time together and I asked for prayer to be able to go grocery shopping. Anyway, afterwards I turned it back on, but was talking with my friends, so didn’t answer it when it shouted out ‘Beautiful Day’ in the background. Then the phone died. So, while Em and I were driving home to see what kind of lunch we could round up, it occurred to me that the phone call before the phone died had to have been Jason. I just knew he was lovingly, jokingly, but with a cry of help, saying, ‘Don’t even think of coming home until you’ve gone to the grocery store…’

Well, we got in the door and Jason said, ‘So, did you get my message?’
Me: ‘What, the message that said not to come home unless I’ve gone to the grocery store?!’ (smile on the face)

J: ‘Yeah, that one.’ (smile on the face) (Jason’s message was way more lovey dovey than that…it was real ‘Dale Carnegie’ and sweet, like, ‘Hey, I was just curious if you and Em were stopping by Sunflower Market after Bible study?’)

Me: ‘No. My phone died, but I knew you’d leave me a message like that!’

J: ‘So, what’s for lunch?’

Me: ‘I don’t know…there’s a can of pumpkin on the bottom shelf, ooh, ooh, ooh, and some olives and 12 partial boxes of crackers…’

J: ‘No, seriously.’

Me: ‘Hey Em, what do you want for lunch?’

Em: ‘A cheesadilla.’ (her rendition of a quesadilla, usually her answer)

Me: ‘We don’t have any cheese, sweety girl.’

Em: ‘My bagel from last night.’

J: ‘A bagel she has today because I took her out last night.’ (I was at a craft night with my friends eating guacamole…)

Me: ‘How about some monkey food, too. Here, I’ll peel it.’

*Meanwhile, I’m getting mixed lettuce out of the fridge, along with pasta to boil and pesto I made earlier in the week. There ARE leftovers in the fridge…

I remind Jason that just that morning I wrote on the blog that he was low maintenance, so he didn’t want to ruin his reputation by expecting a gourmet lunch! We all ate lunch and made it until 4:30 when we had to leave for a showing. We ran a few errands and had a quick dinner a few blocks from our house at the little town center. We ran into two of the girls from Bible study and their families and then on the way to our car, we saw Dr. Julie and talked with her for a while. She invited me to grocery shop with her on Fridays, but was going out of town today, so for sure next week…

Today, however, I found myself in 3 different grocery stores because they didn’t all carry what was on my list. No joke, they were all PACKED with pregnant women and moms with their babies in the carts, or with small carry baskets pushing strollers. Seriously, every gramma in Denver was babysitting their grandbaby while grocery shopping, too. Of course the first aisle we went down was the baby aisle because at this particular market, the spices are on the other side…I got home and Jason asked how it went. I told him that every mom and their baby was out shopping today. He said he was sorry. It’s not like I resent those women. Nor am I jealous of them. That’s seriously not my heart. I just love the irony that the very thing I’m mentally trying to conquer was surrounding me on all sides.

So, yeah, thanks, Lord…Really, no need to ease into it…Let’s just dive right in and get over my grocery store phobia ALL IN ONE DAY! It worked, though! Thanks for the prayers and encouragement! I’m actually looking forward to next Friday when I can have a shopping buddy.



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  1. Adrienne,
    I am glad you are working through it. It will be nice to have a shopping buddy to go with you. What a blessing. Keep up the good work, we are here cheering you on!
    Love from East Texas,

  2. WOW! 3 grocery stores in one day. You definitely dove right in.
    I am so glad you crossed this hurdle. I will be praying for you to have the same strength for the future ones.
    I think we are on the same meal plan.LOL I had a cheesadilla for lunch 2 days in a row now. Grace had her first one today. We are also eating out of cans, frozen veggies, and eating meatless lately since it is usually just the two of us. My husband works alot but when he is here he keeps asking what there is to eat or where is the meat LOL.
    BTW We ate at Hacienda’s while we were in colorado and it was so yummy.
    Enjoy your full fridge.

  3. Praying for you now. I can’t even imagine what you have to go through at times. But God is so faithful, huh?

    I wanted to comment on the post below about the rainbow at Noah’s party. That was incredibly, amazingly wonderful and yes, so stinkin’ cool!

  4. Adrienne
    you amaze me and make me smile…even when life is tough
    you have such a sweetness in your heart. I am so thankful to God
    that you shared Noah’s life though this blog…..you help me see
    where God is in everything.
    hugs & blessings~
    p.s. you go Girl!!!!! SHOP ON!!!

  5. jeez a lot of shops to visit in one day for a Lady with a phobia lol, thats whats is so brilliant about you adrienne, you stare your demons right in the face and dont let them stand in your way.I didnt even think to realise what a hurdle just going to the shops must be for you.i understand exactly what you mean about thing being right in ur face when ur trying to avoid it,it took me 3 miscarriages to get my daughter and at the time i hated seeing pregnant women and babies(selfish i know but hey everyone has these moments im sure) its only now i realise that it was gods intentions and at that time he thought best i waited for casey to come along.I do not understand the daily struggles you face with not having sweet noah with you,but im sure your an inspiration to those that are coping with the same struggles as you x x x x :o)

  6. I remember having a meltdown in Walmart because I had an aversion to people, and especially people that would give condolences when we lost Morgen… I was in the middle of hyperventilating when a friend walked up and called Kevin to let him know what was happening… I made it thru that shopping excursion and eventually walked back in that store again… it took a little while to not be nervous about it, but it happened.

    I am so glad that you are finding your way thru all of this… And God is so faithful…

  7. hey, it’s not just you…we have 12 partial boxes or STALE crackers in our pantry:-)

    seriously though, God always has a plan, which you know. i pray that each shopping experience brings you greater peace and greater joy. so inspired by your perserverance and honesty.

  8. Oh sister, I know the EXACT shoes you are in. Pregnant ladies can be such a learning tool for God!
    Sorry, I don’t like to shop, so I am in no way going to invite anyone to that task.

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