In 2 1/2 weeks it will be June 10, 2007. Noah’s birthday. As it quickly approaches, I’m getting sad…7 months was just way too short! 5 1/2 of those being in TCH (not that that place is bad, the nurses ROCK and we’d visit every day if we were into emotional torture…). I can’t even begin to imagine what he’s doing in Heaven. I wish Jesus would come back soon so I could be in Heaven, too. I know it’s selfish because maybe many of you don’t want Him to return until you accomplish ‘x’, but, honestly, I don’t want to wait until I’m 100 to see Jesus, or Noah for that matter!

I’ve been thinking of how we will remember Noah on his birthday this year…Jason and Em and I are for sure going to celebrate and remember him, as we do daily. Em wants cake like any 4.75 year old should! It’s a little too late to swing what I want to do, so next year will be the beginning of that, Lord willing, but I think this year, on June 10th, we’ll have a ‘bring your own picnic’ park extravaganza with lots of kids, kites, frisbees, etc, for whoever wants to show up. We’ve been wanting to have a big party for over a year now, anyway, so what better time to celebrate!? I’ll post more details for locals later…

Anyway, I have a few other ideas of how I want to remember Noah’s birthday, and, if others are wanting a way to do that, here are my thoughts…First, a bunch of my friends and I are growing our hair out in honor of Noah for ‘Locks for Love’. (If you want to grow it out and do it in honor of someone you love, go for it, the more the merrier!) If we have an extra 10 inches by January 12th, 2008, then we’ll all go get cuts that day. I’ll post a picture of our ‘before’ hair later. Then, the fund that we originally set up to help offset costs of lab work and out of network doctors has been on my heart a lot lately. We have been able to reconcile some of those costs and there is some left over. We want to set up a two-fold purpose for that fund in memory of Noah that will keep giving as long as money is there…We want to give scholarships to nursing students since nurses ROCK! AND, I’m not sure if you knew this or not, but, Noah only smiled once, maybe twice, but both times in his sleep. He never smiled consciously…SO, since he’s smiling all the time now, we want to consistently send money to ‘Operation Smile’ which is an organization that provides cleft palette surgery to children in 3rd world countries for only $250 a surgery! A kid can breathe and eat and drink AND SMILE after one of these surgeries! We love missions and wanted to do something medical that made a difference, so thought this was a good fit…

Finally, as I’ve said previously, Jason, my little sister, and 3 girlfriends were present for Noah’s birth. One friend coached me, one had the camera and the other had the video camera…I’ve never watched the video…With a brand new box of deluxe lotion coated Puffs tissues, I think that’s how I’ll privately close out June 1oth.

*FYI, the Mother’s Day service is posted under ‘messages’ now at Keep in mind I’m squinting because the lights were so bright and I’m not a big fan of hand held microphones, I’m a hand talker:)…Alright, I gotta go to bed…I’m slipping into hospital hours here…



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  1. What a beautiful way to celebrate! I’m bummed we won’t be local enough to join in the party, but we will do something here to honor Noah. I’ll send you a picture.

    Much love,

  2. I think that sounds like a wonderful, Praise Jesus way to celebrate. You have such a beautiful heart for the Lord.

    I wish I could be there on the 10th, but I don’t return to Denver until the 11th.

    I have already donated my hair to ‘locks of love’ once and have been growing it out to do it again. I encourage others of you to do the same. What a difference it can make in the life of a child. I actually heard it takes about 4 donations to make ONE wig for ONE child. I’d love to join you all this time, however, my hair may be ready to cut on my return from Korea. We’ll have to see if I can hold out longer.

    Praying for your friends marriage, as well as, ALL Christian marriages in this world.

    May the Risen Christ be met in each moment of your day.

  3. Adrienne,
    I just cut my hair for Locks of Love for the second time and I will tell it is so great to do. It’s such a small thing for the donor but a huge thing for the recipient.

  4. Since I first heard of Noah I’ve wanted to do something to help. I didn’t know what to do for Noah so I decided I would try to help someone by getting on the bone marrow registry to hopefully be a donor. I completed the kit and I’m waiting to hear if I’m a match. Please pray that I will be a match and be able to help someone. If I’m able to donate I will do it in honor of Noah. If anyone else is interested the website is -Dawn

  5. Adrienne, you are so sweet! I hope the day is full of fun memories and the weather is georgeous for your picnic. I wish we were closer so we could come too! I will be praying for you even more than already on that day!

  6. I too am bummed that I am not local enough to join your celebration. If it’s something you decide to do again, maybe next year we could make it a vacation destination.

    I, too, have been thinking of how I can keep Noah’s memory a constant presence in my life and especially in the dealings with my own kids. Especially Will (he and Noah were 19 days apart in age) who is cutting FIVE teeth at one time. I’ve really needed to lean on what I have learned over these last few weeks – mostly on patience and appreciation. ;O)

    Not only will I join in your effort for Locks of Love, I’ve decided to go and get my ear pierced (in the cartilage), much like you did months back. This is huge for me because I nearly passed out with a regular piercing! 🙂 I have also decided, in my heart, that what I want to replace the temporary earring with is a cross with the word “Peace” engraved on the front.

    I meant it when I said I don’t ever want to forget the difference you all have made in my life. I want that visible constant reminder. I will send you pictures of that and I am gathering some photos up of my family to send to you. You asked for that a while back and I hadn’t done that yet.

    Always thinking about, and grateful, for you all!


  7. “he and Noah were 19 days apart in age”

    I said “were” and I really should’ve said “are”.

    I do believe that Noah is still alive in all our hearts! My apologies for my mistype.

  8. I am with you on Jesus’ return… the sooner the better!!!

    Your beautiful soul is an encouragement to me. You could be setting around doing nothing, but you are still praise Jesus and making a difference in this dark world.

    You, my sister in Christ, ROCK!

    Thank you for your posts this week… I needed all of them.

  9. Adrienne~
    Much love and care as Noah’s first birthday in Heaven approaches. I know you will have mixed emotions. I’ve been there. I too, tried to focus on celebrating- despite the pain that such a day brings. I hope you will feel God’s comfort and peace, and the fact that you CAN celebrate that you were privileged to have Noah in your life is a special thing in and of itself. I hope that many will remeber Noah and be moved to honor his life and memory in a way that touches others’ lives in a positive way. I will do my part, small as it may be, to help honor Noah’s legacy here on earth. Thanks for your steadfastness and openness in sharing Noah, your journey, and your hopes with so many, through this blog.

  10. What a beautiful day it will be!! I wish we could be there to celebrate his birthday with all of you..We will have to figure out a special way to honor your perfect little man here in Texas. I will absolutely grow my hair out as well to donate to locks of love in Noah’s honor.We’re thinking and praying for you and your family every single day Adrienne. What a true blessing you and your family are to all of us. We all love and miss you so very much Noah!!

    Paula and Family

  11. Adrienne…

    I began reading your blog a week or so after Noah joined the Lord in heaven. Every month thereafter, on the 10th, I find myself counting down to Noah’s birthday. I sincerely wish that I could join your party on that day. Unfortunately, I am out here in Cali. I too will celebrate Noah’s life on that day. In fact…I already have somethingin mind, and I would like to send you something. (please e-mail me and I will explain further I know it might be a difficult day for you, but you will be surrounded by so many who love you, Jason, Em, and Noah.

    Let’s all celebrate the life of Noah on the 10th, and everyday for that matter!! The Lord had a purpose for putting Noah here on Earth. I know how it has impacted me, and I know it has touched so many others. I can’t wait to see pics of Noah’s birthday celebration!!!

    Mary Geeslin

  12. What loving ways to celebrate Noah.
    I wanted to say too maybe when you are at the park you could have a entire dozen of balloons in the colors of Noah’s favorite blanket. I remember that in the pictures.
    And when you are ready at the end of your pinic had a balloon to each child or each person….say
    a small prayer and let the balloons
    go up to Noah.
    That is what we as a family do to celebrate our baby David, who too
    is in Heaven. We watched the balloons till we can see them no more…they become like pinheads in the sky. All the balloons seem to end up in the same direction…
    whereever David is playing with Jesus that day.
    Lynda Bishop

  13. What wonderful ways to honor sweet Noah. I donated my hair a few years ago…it felt so good to do that (both emotionally AND the weight off my head was GREAT!) 🙂

  14. Millions of people watch Oprah…. we need to get you on that show!! Your story and undying faith is amazing; look at how many of us have been touched by your blog! Think of how many more would fall in love with you/Noah by being on Oprah!! =)

  15. Come, Lord Jesus, Come!

    How wonderful to celebrate that precious boy and all the Lord has done through him. May the Joy of the Lord overcome your sadness. May you laugh through your tears.
    Blessings to you, sweet sister in Christ.

  16. My heart will be with you that day Adrienne. And I’m going to be playing Noah’s photo video many many times.

    And I don’t want to wait to see Jesus either. Call me selfish and impatient but oh I don’t know… NOW! would be a good time for me.


  17. I found out about your blog through a friend at my church and have been following it for about 6 months and you always seem to amaze me. You are on amazing lady and I know that our Lord is smiling down on you for the way you have followed him and stayed faithful. I have a son Elijah and he was born on Sept. 9th and I can only pray that I would be the mother to Eli that you are to Em and Noah!WOW!! I just finished watching you speaking on Mother’s Day and I want to thank you I am sure it was not easy and you did great. Thanks for being such an ecouragement to me.Shawna Sanchez

  18. My family will be in Denver for a wedding reception around the time of Noah’s birthday. I would love to make it to his birthday party. I’ll be watching for details. It would be an honor to meet you!
    (I’m a friend of Jennifer McKinney and have been following your blog since January.) I’ve had a link to your site from my blog for months. A day doesn’t go by that I don’t think of you/Noah/your family and the impact you’ve had in my life for Christ. Thank you!

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