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  1. Beautiful words. Noah is amazing and so sweet. Thanks for sharing your story and journey with us. Funny, not haha, that someone thought it sad that you love God more than your kids, I was convicted by your post, that I need to fall more in love with God and give my kids to him everyday. Even though we dedicated them, for me, it is a daily dedication because like anything, I want to take things back in my hands and my “control”.

  2. Adrienne – You are an incredible person and I admire you so much. I honestly cannot sit here today and say that I would have the same grace that you have shown throughout this entire ordeal. Put in your shoes, I do not know how I would handle everything. I cannot even begin to imagine….I could only hope that I would show the same grace as you have. Thank you for sharing pictures of Noah again, he really is such a precious little boy. I hope that as time passes, life is somehow getting easier for you and your family. I know it’s something you will never forget but I just hope that it gets easier. You are a very special person to many many people that read you blog as I’m sure you already know! Emily and Noah are very blessed to have you and now, God is blessed to have Noah and Noah to have God! Happy belated Mother’s Day!

  3. “Her kid wasn’t swallowed whole by crocs, he was scooped out of the river by the Princess’ court and lived in the kingdom, led the Israelites out of Egypt, split the Red Sea, saw God face to face and glowed in the dark as a result, changed the WORLD with the receiving and giving of the 10 Commandments”

    i’m sure that you already got this, that’s why the story is so precious to you, but i was so struck with the similarities between your precious noah and moses!

    yes, two mom’s asked to give up their child so that ‘death’ couldn’t own them. two mom’s facing heartbreak at the sacrifice asked of them. two mom’s who acted out of extreme love and FAITH instead of selfishness and anger. two babies who went to live in a KINGDOM. moses seeing God face to face, noah seeing God face to face. moses changing hardened hearts, noah breaking hearts for Christ.

    it just sent shivers down my spine. you are that mother. you gave it all away for Him.

    you inspire me, God amazes me.

  4. Amazing as usual. After your post the other day, I really got to thinking, “Do I really love God more than my kids? and after thinking long and hard about that question, the answer was easy – yes. Because of you, I am slowly starting to love God more and more each day. How could I not love the being who really gave me life, knew what my path in life was to be and helped me get to where I am now, and most importantly, how can I not love someone who blessed me with twins? As much as I heard, “God only gives us what we can handle” while I was pregnant, I now realize they were right. God loves me enough to know that I can handle the blessing he gave me. So how can I not love HIM more then my husband and children?
    I think of you and your family on a daily basis, and if we don’t happen to meet hear on Earth, I truely hope we can in heaven.

  5. I have always loved the story of Moses and the basket, but now it takes on a whole new perspective…thanks for sharing your thoughts. What an incredible thing that God did in and through Noah’s life, and I should say, He STILL is doing things because of Noah’s life!!! Praise be to HIM!!! And Adrienne, I so admire you being able to share with Emily that you love God more than you love her. You are a woman of truth and that is such a wonderful example to your daughter as well as to thousands of other people across the globe. I know you miss your sweet Noah, but I admire you and Jason for your courage in releasing Noah as an offering to God. I can only imagine…God has and will continue to honor you guys for your surrender to Him. I think of you all so often and continue to pray for your comfort and peace. May you have a blessed weekend. Much Love to you all…

  6. When I accidentally ran across this blog a few months ago, I thought I was an OK Christian with a normal amount of faith. Since I’ve been reading this blog, my faith has strengthened and I’m finding myself wanting to have a closer and deeper relationship with God. This blog has helped me in ways I cannot begin to explain. I don’t know any of you, yet I feel like I’ve known you a lifetime. My life has been changed because of a little boy named Noah, and because of his family and their network of friends who have turned sorrow into triumph. I couldn’t help but think, “Did I run across this by accident?” I think not.

    Thank you for sharing your Sunday speech with us. I cannot even imagine what you’ve gone through.

    I don’t know if you plan to have more children, but I am hoping you will. The world needs more children, like Em, who have been taught the Word of God, in future years. You are awesome at motherhood!

  7. Adrienne…this entry was beautiful. I feel very sad that someone thought it was not right for you to love the Lord more than your children. After all, the Lord is OUR Father, and all of the things we have here on earth that we love, adore, and cherish were all gifts given by the Lord. So, the question is, why shouldn’t we love our Father, the Lord, more than the special things he has given to us.
    I always find myself telling my 2 year old son that I love him more than anything. I guess just by habit I suppose. But, I know, and of course the Lord knows, I mean that I love him more than anything here on Earth. Children who are raised in a Christian home will know that it is okay to love the Lord more. And I am sure Em understands that. Even for as little as she is…sometimes we give the little ones less credit than what is deserved. They are pretty smart and observant. 🙂

    Mary Geeslin

  8. I had started going to church last September after I had a baby boy. I was really struggling with believing, when there is so much suffering. Somehow I was led to your blog the day before Noah went to Heaven and after a lot of tears I have come to a much better much understanding. Thank you for sharing Noah with me and everyone else. I am going to be baptized next Sunday. I truly would not be at this point with out you and Noah. Thank you.

  9. I came across your blog through a link on another blog that I visit. I read through your entire journey the first night. I was up well past midnight and sobbing, not crying, sobbing. You are one of the most inspirational women I have ever come across. Your love for Jesus is amazing. I could look at the pictures of Noah for hours. He is beautiful and perfect. I can’t help but notice how at peace he looks in the last picture of this post. I think about your family daily. I will continue to pray for your family and the peace that only God can grace you with. I can see God in your writing, you are an amazing women and I am thankful to know Noah’s story. God Bless you, your husband and your sweet little girl.

  10. Thank you for loving your son enough to lay him before God that day.

    I couldn’t imagine that sweet boy still trucking along on those machines today. Not only for what Noah would have to go through but because every incredible thing that did happen to others would not have happened. He truly is a little leader.

    He is very lucky to have parents who recognize all the good that could be taken from this. There are many people who would have let their son go and quietly grieved within their own families.

    You two gave Noah a voice when he couldn’t speak. You allowed people to learn and gain inspiration from him. And during it all you made the unselfish choice of giving him to God.

    I can’t find the words to express just how amazing that is.


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