Anybody want to buy a cute house in Denver? Jason and I put the house on the market last Friday, but that meant tackling Noah’s room in a whirlwind. I guess it was better to have a quick deadline for packing up his room otherwise we would have lingered (I would have…). It was crummy, but not the worst thing, obviously. His door had been shut for almost four months, his crib stacked high with boxes and the floor covered…We threw some things away, donated some, saved a lot of treasures and cleaned elephant sized dust bunnies out of the corners.

Now it’s the cleanest house on earth! Just kidding! I know YOURS is cleaner, but there will always be someone else’s that is… (I’ve removed the picture link for the MLS, but family, if you didn’t get a chance to see them, email me and I’ll shoot it to you…) The pictures are more for the shock factor for our family since when we are all together, there are so many suitcases in the house, it never looks this good:) The two pictures you see on the wall in the bottom picture were done by a local artist. I’ve asked her to do a few more incorporating the letters ‘P’, ‘E’, ‘A’, ‘C’, ‘E’, so we can put them altogether in the next house, if God sells ours. It’s up to Him, and for that, we are grateful. If it sells, so be it. If it doesn’t, He has something else in mind. Anyway, if you really are interested in buying, shoot me an email!

FYI: Em wants to make sure everyone knows that her bedroom isn’t for sale. Just the paint…she wants to take her bed, furniture, toys and chandelier with her, in case ANYONE was wondering. She wanted me to make that very clear even though those other things are pictured:) Kids are cute, huh?!



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  1. I’ll take it…I WISH!!! I’d even let Em keep her stuff. 🙂 Adrienne, you have a beautiful home. In 2 years when I’m (hopefully) ready to purchase my own place I’ll give ya a call…sometimes I think I’m scared of color. I especially liked how your TV is situated *away* from your main family room. I hate it when I’m visiting friends and they have the TV going (either for kids or whatever) and it totally messes up the visit.

    My heart ached thinking of you going through Noah’s things. I’m sure the bittersweet memories were tough. Last Sunday my pastor (whose family is going through a very, very trying period) reminded us that God only gives us as much as we can handle. You guys remind me of that every time I visit your blog.

    Audrey in Arvada

  2. Can I hire you to decorate my home?!? I have a cousin who lives in Denver, I’ll see if she is in the market for a beautiful home… as beautiful as it is, I couldn’t deal with the cold.

  3. Wow Adrienne! Your home is gorgeous! I LOVE your style. The colors are great. If I were to buy it, I don’t think I’d change a thing. Emily’s room is sooooo pretty and seems to fit her personality from what I can imagine anyways, just perfect! Noah’s room is wonderful, love the colors. I’m sure you’ll have no problems selling it at all…You’re right, housing prices are definately higher in Colorado!LOL You just have to keep in mind that I’m in Texas where it’s a little cheaper to live!LOL Well anyways, the house looks awesome and I wish ya’ll alot of luck when and if you decide to move.

    Paula and Family

  4. Adrienne

    It was cool for me to see Noah’s room. Sometimes, when my son is in preschool, I go into his room and just stand there and stare. I am with you on the cost of living thing. My husband and I share a 4 bedroom house withmy parents in Orange County (the OC) California, and we are barely making it. California is EXTREMELY rediculous. ESPECIALLY OC. It is nearly impossible for a family to survive without a double income. I work part-time, and my Hubby is a Sheriff. I wish I could strictly be a stay at home mom because I find myself missing my son a lot. Hence is why I go into his room and just gaze. So, I imagine opening Noah’s door after being closed for a while might have been hard. I’ll be honest, There have been a string of events just recently that has me wondering…I hope this is not hard to hear, but I bet you would be a great person to talk to on this. Before I saw your you tube video of Noah, I was sent a video on you tube via e-mail about a three yr. old boy who died in a car accident. His mother now promotes leaving children in a 5 point harness for as long as possible. After my 50th time of watching his video, soon I came across yours. Then, one morning I picked up the paper and read about this lady’s son, a lady I worked with previously, and her son had been hit by a gas tanker and was killed. Then, I learned about a baby 6 months old who was diagnosed with Cancer only a day after his birth, and he lost his battle at 6 months old, only a few weeks ago, and most recent, only a few miles from where I live, another tragic car accident where a big rig rear ended a mini van and this lady lost all three of her children, 3,4,and 5, all in one day. I often wonder if the Lord is preparing me for something…as stupid as that may sound. I know the Lord has a plan for each and everyone of us, and I have come to terms with that, what ever God’s will is, that is what I will obey and accept. His will is not to be questioned. But I still can’t help but to wonder why I am learning of so many parents who have lost a child.
    Adrienne, you give me strength, and I am so glad, that through you, your family, and especially Noah, that I have made my relationship with the Lord much stronger. I admire your strength and faith. I only can pray that all of these other mothers and families can have as much faith as you!!

    Mary Geeslin

  5. Adrienne

    Your home is beautiful. I wish you
    blessings upon blessings on whatever God has planned for the
    sale of your home and moving. I
    love the pictures on Noah’s room by the local artist. I know your heart & mind must be in a whirlwind now packing up…especailly Noah’s room.
    You are loved and prayed for and hoped for the very very best.
    love & blessings

  6. Wow! Your house looks so great! I just checked it out on that website. I’d buy it 🙂 I shed some tears seeing Noah’s room again, knowing you had to go through it. I am sure that wasn’t an easy moment by any means.
    My heart still aches for you guys and I think about him and miss him terribly every single day.
    Love always,

  7. Beautiful house! But, God has us moving elsewhere! And compared to So Cal, the price is great! 🙂

    So where are you hoping to wind up?

    My girls completely understood Em’s need to clarify what was for sale. They are telling us frequently what needs to be packed for CO.


  8. Dear Adrienne, I will pray that your house sells soon! We are also in the same process of trying to clean out our home, get it fixed up and soon put on the market. My husband is in no hurry but I’m really trying to keep a timeline for myself so that I can get my packing and cleaing projects done. Hopefully in several weeks we’ll be able to put it on the market. I’m getting better about sifting and sorting and donating things that I haven’t seen in years or things I’ll never use…it has taken me a long time to get to that point though, but I’m working on it. And your posts about cleaning out have been encouraging. I actually just saw an episode of Oprah about a family who lost their little boy to cancer and they had a really hard time getting rid of his things and sorting through his room. They had that designer Nate from Oprah come over along with an organizational guy and they turned the little boy’s bedroom into a really neat office/memory room. I thought of you guys and wondered what you were doing with Noah’s room. I can only imagine what you must have felt as you went through those things. May God give you strength, peace & patience as you wait for the sale of your home…and may He comfort you all continually. lots of love…Melody in MN

  9. Adrienne your house is just gorgeous. I can’t imagine anyone not wanting to purchase it.

    I wish the best of luck for the sale and move!


  10. We are selling our house too and my kids were the same as your Em…they wanted everyone to know FOR SURE that the toys and furniture and the baby dolls were NOT for sale! 😉

    Kids are so precious.

    I pray that God will find the perfect new home for you and your sweet family. God bless!

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